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Submission + - Religion going "high tech" with spaceship design (villagevoice.com)

spirous2 writes: "In Scientology they believe the human spirit has Super Powers (TM). To release these incredible abilities, the creator of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, claimed in 1978 he had developed a series of secret out-of-this-world drills for people to buy. New images from their new super secret building complex in Clearwater Florida has now leaked! Check out the spaceship like rooms for training on balance, magnetism, physical energy, sound, touching, oiliness — not to forget the "motion quadrant" with the human gyroscope.

The "Super Power Building" is costing the "church" over $100 million and the sales pitch goes like this:

"1.Get the idea that you have infinite power. 2.Get the idea that another has infinite power. 3.Get the idea that others have infinite power. 4.Get the idea that you can cause yourself to have infinite power," etc."

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