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Journal Journal: Where are the Writing Tablets? 1

After fighting with my inkjet for the last time today, i came to the realization that i needed the printer solely to print out a form, write on it and then re-digitize it. After 4 smudged and blurry printouts, 4 printer head alignments and the inability to clean the heads without inserting a new yellow cartridge I am done. Its too much of a hassle to maintain an inkjet printer for casual and infrequent use. Either you use it all the time or the value proposition falls through the floor. The only true value these pieces of crap have is fast return, you can get a subpar printout now. The point of all this is, what is a good solution to integrate pen strokes into my workflow, eliminating the need to print, sign and redigitize? My first choice is a tablet with a proper digitizer. Are there any affordable solutions out there?

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