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Submission + - More Uptime Problems for Amazon Cloud (

1sockchuck writes: An Amazon Web Services data center in northern Virginia lost power Friday night during an electrical storm, causing downtime for numerous customers — including Netflix, which uses an architecture designed to route around problems at a single availability zone. The same data center suffered a power outage two weeks ago and had connectivity problems earlier on Friday.

Submission + - Survey finds that Windows Server 2008 will flop (

Julie188 writes: "Windows Server 2008 is already shaping up to be just as big a flop in the enterprise as Windows Vista. In a survey of 687 IT professionals conducted by Network World, 50% have no plans whatsoever to upgrade. Of the remaining half, only 12% plan to upgrade within 12 months of the product's release. The biggest complaint, named by 68%, is that it breaks existing apps. 65% also say an upgrade will be too expensive. 43% say that they are worried about the OS's security and 34% simply feel that Windows Server 2008 offers no compelling new technology. For those that do want it, Microsoft's NAC, (dubbed Network Access Protection) is the top draw, named by 44%. 37% will upgrade because it will be time to buy a new server anyway. 32% will want it because they like to have the newest technology. 24% want Microsoft's upgraded Web server, IIS 7.0, included with Windows Server 2008. (Note, multiple answers allowed.) But the general belief, some three months away from its much ballyhooed launch, is that Windows Server 2008 simply won't be worth the hassle."

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