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Comment Petcam, baby monitor with Alexa (Score 1) 204

I use an inexpensive baby monitor for a pet cam when away , shows temperature and provides audio otherwise it is off line. Think an Alexa capable web cam could be useful for their product portfolio. I would like one that has remote rotation capability if not to expensive. A couple inexpensive dot like cameras would be nice so could cover multiple viewing angles. The social features for others makes sense given Instagrams success for Amazon to tip into that space. Suggest hard off switches for devices with remote cams and mics- wish I had more confidence my smart phone not remotely recording/ transmitting. The Look not much different in this way but at least users should be more aware since its main purpose. Some over blown paranoia get a tin foil hat instead if turning off when don't want to use if to much of a chore for you.

Comment Common space (Score 1) 12

Location base satellites services that can be used by most people seem to be a reasonable use of oribital space near term, while Nations figure out how to deal with growing space debris. Maybe need to contribute to a new Super fund before adding to the potential junk, but this fund deserves a bigger name like Super Duper fragilistic... Fund. Connecting developing areas by satellite may seem more expedient and cost effective near term with good benefits to the poorer residents but should consider long term view as well. Maybe in parallel These high tech Co's secretly developing a space janitor, shields or something to address the growing debris and decommissioning aspect but don't see much published .

Comment Functional 2nd hand devices resold for reuse (Score 2) 223

Apple has a recycling and reuse link on their website. Some countries directed to Brightstar who runs some programs. Functional working devices get a higher price at appropriate market rates. Compare to Gazelle or others. The working devices are typically resold for customer reuse in as is condition. Apple also refurbs and resells products e.g. Certified pre-owned(CPO). Scrap from damaged non functioning devices appears to be the scope of not reusing. Guessing Apple wants to ensure no bad parts circulating from unauthorized repair dealers. Since it is tough to judge quality beyond the casing of conditions of used parts Apple to be safe does not want other electronics circulating and risking a customer incident which while not condoned by Apple , still they want to demonstrate took extra care to deter potential danger. Perhaps an overly cautious legal stance or PR since potentially some components could be reused safely but swept up in a cost benefit decision. Apple also wants accountability that recycling done vs burying especially in a developing country counter to Basel convention disposal of e waste. Slashdot should direct the article to the waste land since misleading .

Comment Re: I want a lift suit (Score 1) 40

Expanding beyond warehouse lifting can provide a resource constrained nation like Japan with ability to improve mobility and productivity of people. Physical therapy can forestall institutional admissions which already in short supply due to limited staffing. Semi old can continue to care for very old without hurting each other. Thinking pre - hoyer lift living. Plus a new export product opportunity after refining on a more receptive domestic environment.

Comment Risk taking for $ but others pay when bet sours (Score 1) 221

Fukushima disaster could have been minimized much cheaper and faster with more resilient back up power. The tsunami height concerns were not well understood until a few years before incident and an expensive proposition to build quickly. Yes in hindsight construction plans should have been considered and initiated but unlikely would have been completed on time. Instead they sat around contemplating what todo. Coincidentally that was cheaper and better for bonuses. They should claw back pension, bonuses from the SR Execs. Won't amount to much but send a msg.

Comment so much for the consumer (Score 1) 189

This would be a major step back from the supposed liberalizing of consumer mobile rights which MIC has suggested, previously. Perhaps a loophole to reverse the pressure on Operators to loosen their stranglehold over the consumer. Started with pressure on more transparency on the regressive subsidy schemes where lower tier users turned out to be paying more for service then the higher tier folks. Thus pressure to provide more transparency in price of service vs hardware. Subsidies ok, just users should have option of paying for hardware straight-up with a lower monthly tariff. Softbank, with Mr Son in charge, the mavericks of the market first to take steps in this direction. Note: It is commonly felt that DoCoMo and AU dislike Mr. Son(Korean heritage) for not playing along in the mobile oligarchy. This would be another step to further isolate the Japan cell phone market. Keeping out more global foreign brands. Of course, illegal music is bad and to extent can be deterred then all for it. However, in this case likely cure will be worse than the disease and hurt consumers. This has further implications on implementing another local barrier to foreign competition. The big 2 Operators cling to the same ridiculous claims as the major US Operator overlords. Operator control of mobile ecosystem in long-run provides more benefits to the consumer. Sounds like China's justification for restricting freedom of speech etc...(debatable whether true-short in some cases short run, but is it worth it?) Anticipate a more watered down approach to appease the RIAJ, while Operators and MIC as overseer maintain good faith negotiations to avoid potential claims due to not taking reasonable limits to prevent/deter piracy. PDC, i-Mode, non-std CDMA(being phased out) all examples of local barriers which supposedly protect local industry but further isolate their products and competitiveness. Curious how the DPJ will react? They promote themselves as the people party with desire to break overbearing Ministry & Industry giant links in interests of people/consumers. Though can see them siding with a more isolationist approach as well to further protect local businesses or sit passively back as they have many other challenges. Luckily this affects mostly the younger consumers who are much more tech savvy and will naturally alter music listening behavior accordingly (as also noted by others).

Comment clever marketing (Score 1) 555

This is ruse to create a win win situation, for Universal. It creates more hype for iPOD and Zune which provide Universal with revenue streams via on-line music SVCs vs other players, and thus more opportunity for on-line music sales. Whether Apple would ever cave to such bombastic remarks is uncertain but I am guessing unlikely. May even drive more users to buy the iPOD in support of Apple supposed defiance. Though if they did cave Universal still gets upside $. Slightly OT - but amusing and sort of ironic Disney's big hit Pirates of the Carribean, movie & theme park attraction, glorify pirating and Disney is thrilled to make $ off this concept, yet appalled when their products are pirated. Realize nothing new for entertainment at expense of Disney.

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