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Comment Re:Unfair! (Score 1) 348

It is unfair, though. School districts should, in my opinion, be more nationally standardized.

I am a junior in highschool. Two years ago, as a freshman, a friend and I had decided to "hack" this one loser who was harrassing me. Every chance this kid could get, he would call me some stupid name. It wasn't so much that my feelings were hurt, it was more that he was annoying and it would be fun to screw up his stuff.

I remember one time, in math class, middle of a lesson, he leans over and calls me some stupid name, I tell him to shut up, and the stupid teacher yells at me for disrupting class. I didn't yell, or anything. Damn teacher hated me because I have long hair.

Anyway. All my friend and I did was get a keylogger on his computer. A cheap one, CHOTA. He is the kind of moron who believes you when you tell him this suspicious program you are sending him is "a game." He ran it, and we told him the game was to find out what the program does.

After a day we got his password, screwed up his website, got into his email (turns out he was subscribed to porn under the alias of "Stephanie"). He told on us and eventually we were expelled.

Got 48 hours of community service, 10 days suspension, 2 year expulsion (1 year if we were good). Since then I have been to 3 different high schools. One semester in another public school, a year in a catholic school (not fun at ALL), and now I am starting my junior year several hundred miles away. This year I would be going back, but my family moved to Texas. I lived in PA. Big difference.

I admit, what I did was lame, very VERY script kiddish stuff. But it was fun, and I'd do it again.

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