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Comment Re:Woooo.... (Score 3, Interesting) 91

There have been home projects to replicate the spectrum, ula included...
one was called speccybob which replicated the machine in TTL logic, meaning it would be possible to take that design and cram it onto a single chip.

But alas, the person running that project ran into lots of bad luck and had to abort it.

Comment Errrrr Even the first line of the summary's wrong (Score 1) 128

"J.K. Rowling recently revealed that she was the author of a book she had published under a pseudonym, which spiked in sales after she was outed as the true author."?

No, she didn't.
Some blabbermouth at her solicitors (american, look up lawyers), did.
She's pretty peeved about it, in spite of the extra sales.

Comment Re:A bit of perspective folks... (Score 1) 145

Tisk tisk tisk... EVERYONE knows that richard III *WON* the battle of bosworth field, but then got murdered accidentally by a weasel called Edmund when he thought Richard was nicking his horse. Richard IV then became king for a year before the entire family was (again) accidentally murdered by Lord Percy when he put poison into a jug of wine rather than a single cup.

THEN EBH7 took the throne and erased that year from history. :)

Comment Re:What did they do? (Score 5, Interesting) 113

You have either a terrible memory or you weren't around at the start of this...
back in about 2003, a Linux distribution by the name of Caldera bought the Unix part of SCO (the other part went on to continue trading under a different name)
Then. in a moment of utter insanity, they decided to sue IBM under allegations that IBM had included their UNIX "property" in the linux kernel...

Millions of man hours of searching later. people came up with about 5 lines of code that were so generic it was impossible to copyright them,..

So, the IBM trial went on and on and dragged other companies into the mess...
Microsoft "invested" in SCO, presumably to keep the trial going.
Novell disputed what SCO actually claimed to own...

Last year (or was it 2011) the novell case finally concluded that SCO didn't own any of the copyrights they were suing IBM over in the first place.
IBM have yet to countersue, but there's so little of SCO left now it's probably no longer worth it.

Comment Re:No he's not (Score 1) 697

That's just general big headedness on our part.
We have no idea about how they lived, acted, fought, courted... etc...
So the pronounced forehead made them look thick and stupid but looks aren't everything.
Just bringing one back won't tell us anything new about them APART from their intellect when guided by us. You'd need a TARDIS to learn about their uninfluenced intelligence and culture back then.

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