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Comment Re:Going backwards? (Score 1) 628

Graduated with a degree housed in CISE in 2005 -

They never actually granted any degrees, as they weren't a 'college'. CIS/MIS came from Business, CS came from Liberal Arts, Comp Engineering came from Engineering. Comp Engineering still had to take Chem, Physics, etc; CS had to take a foreign language (stupid libs) and CIS/MIS had to take accounting and economics.

The CISE department though is where all of those students took their 'computery' classes, most of which overlapped between degrees. Lots of opportunities for inter-college teams and projects, which was great.

I can see how there may have been some un-necessary overhead, but at the same time since there are applicable Comp-Sci-related degrees from multiple colleges, its existence made sense to me.

I don't think they'll eliminate any degrees as a result of this, but I do see resource contention being a problem eventually. Oh you're a CIS student, well then you don't need access to the lab in the Engineering building. That CS guy wants to take a database class, well too bad because the database professor is funded by the Business school. All I know is that department has given me a great career so far, and I would think that even in this economy it probably has some of the best hiring numbers for new grads. Of course, nobody looks at those numbers, because the hires get counted for Liberal Arts, Business or Engineering instead...

Comment Re:Nothing to see here.... (Score 1) 383

They did it in 2009 with asthma inhalers as part of the Montreal Protocol to remove all traces of CFCs. The new propellant they put in them created a new drug (even though it had the same active ingredient) and BAM - no more affordable generics on the market for 10-20 years. So don't think they'll let it slide just 'because of the children'.

Comment Re:You think the housing collapse was bad (Score 1) 917

If you have $75k in debt coming out of school (as stated in the article) then you're DOING IT WRONG. Don't go to school at NYU to get a degree in Women's Studies and then cry about not being able to pay your loans back. You made a bad decision, and nobody ever should have loaned you that money. Not speaking to you of course SpeZek...just that dumb chick who mortgaged her future for a career as a bank teller.

Comment Re:Private Sector / Non-legal Solution (Score 1) 342

Don't forget easement payments made to local governments (paid for by the consumer of course). AT&T has a line buried right across the middle of my backyard and they are allowed carte' blanche access to my yard whenever they want it. I put a lock on the gate? Well they can knock once on my door, then jump my fence. Someday I'll be naked out back. Take that! The funniest part is that I don't even have AT&T service. Ripped all of the phone lines out of my house actually. So when I'm doing any digging near that line, I'm not remotely careful.

Comment Re:Limited much? (Score 1) 141

For what it's worth, TWC modems are 'free'. Probably built into the cost of the service? Yes, but that's transparent to the user. I pay ~$40/month for 7 meg service (it's in a bundle, so I don't know what the actual price is). They (are trying to) do the same thing with ESPN360. They make you login to verify that you have TV service with them also, which causes a problem for Xbox 360 users. They're trying to protect their ancient revenue stream. If I can watch live TV on my ipad, including sports, TW isn't getting my $60/month anymore for cable. They don't like that. I don't blame them.

Comment Re:I think Beck has started to believe his own con (Score 1) 1276

This is it exactly. Everyone is college is all hippy-dippy-kum-by-ya-let's-all-be-equal-hari-hari-krishna. Then they graduate and (if they didn't major in Liberal Arts) get jobs with paychecks. All of a sudden they realize what money tastes like, and understand that maybe they should get to keep what they earned. Bam- conservative.

Comment Re:Use CASH (Score 1) 239

While I agree with most everything you say, I just want to point out that the minimum purchase requirements for card use are almost always not allowed based on the terms and conditions of the bank that is providing the swiping machine/software. It's a crap rule, but it is the rule.

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