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Journal Journal: Progressives vs Regressives (OR Libtards vs Cuntservatives) 13

I'm tired of this shit. What happened to civil discourse and compromise? All the name-calling and mud slinging and playground politics is making the entire nation look like an idiot. Remember when adults ran this country? Remember when intelligence and rational, critical thought were praised? Remember when compassion was more important than making a quick buck? Me neither. I hope you all have fun drawing your little lines in the sand where everyone on the other side is an evil amoral bigoted fascist communist greedy hippie bastard. I'm done. I've tried to be a voice of rationality, I get shouted down as a sympathizer. I take the extremist position to the absolute lunatic fringe of possibility and I get waved off as a nutjob. You all can have your fucking idiot problems created by the fucking idiots you continually put into office. You can have your rigged, pointless elections and your soundbite spewing mouthpieces and your manipulative corporate oligarchs, and I hope they give you everything you deserve. I can't take it anymore. The only way any of this makes sense is that you all (the American public) WANT it this way. You WANT the divisiveness. You WANT the continual conflict. You WANT the partisan bickering, the two-sided absolutism, the "with us or agin' us" mentality. You can have it. I'm out. Why am I even bothering to post this? Apparently I needed to get some things off my chest, or maybe I WANT to open myself to more dismissive ridicule from faceless, thoughtless buffoons. This country has become not just difficult for an intelligent, rational, politically neutral person, but downright hostile. It's not right and everyone is to blame. Everything I do from now on will be to attain the goal of emigration. God-or-whatever willing, my children will grow up knowing all the verses to "O, Canada."

I know nobody's reading this anymore. You've all fucked off to see the latest shenanigans of Charlie Sheen, or check out what's doing on "Survivor." I get it. As long as your shallow, insignificant, self-fashioned microcosm is undisturbed, fuck the rest of the world.

I'll end this with a quote from The Bard, "The public sucks. Fuck hope."

United States

Journal Journal: The New Pledge

I pledge allegiance
To the logo
Of the Corporate States of America
And to the people
On whom we stand
One company
Under money
With misery and injustice for all

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