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Comment what a bunch of crap (Score 1) 453

This article sounds like it was written by someone who never actually tried online dating.

"Now you go online, select a partner, and you are immediately dating someone who is at least interested in you. Of course online dating is still work, but the emotional labor and risk of failure has been significantly reduced."

Dude, you're an idiot. After having spent a year and a half on numerous dating sites with absolutely zero success, I can attest that the emotional labor is every bit as trying as it is in the real world. Personally, I prefer being snubbed in person, at least then I can get the satisfaction of making the person uncomfortable.

Comment Re:The really disturbing part (Score 5, Insightful) 436

Being originally from Small Town, Ohio, I can attest to the fact that people who live there have small minds and neither know nor care about things outside their own little world of shitty beer and Friday Night Lights. Quite simply, they make these dumb fucking children who have never been taught right from wrong into hero-figures because that is all they have. A few of those kids who are lucky/rich/smart enough will make it out, but for the majority of them, HS football is the peak of their lives, and they will spend their years after graduating living in the same town, working a shit job, and clinging to those days of "glory". Then when they have kids, they try to live vicariously through them, pushing them down the same path, and the cycle perpetuates itself. It's ridiculous and pathetic, but it's all these sad sacks of shit have.

Comment Re:The Trap, Yourself (Score 1) 505

Sure there is, it was there in the distant past. The thick atmosphere and oceans Mars used to have didn't just vanish, they condensed, froze out and became entombed in the planet's crust. It's all still there. The difficulty is in raising planetary temperature enough to release it and reestablish a self-perpetuating greenhouse effect. But that's for the terraformers.

Comment Re:The Trap, Yourself (Score 4, Informative) 505

Trace amounts? The entire northern polar cap of Mars is water ice, not to mention the sizable amount of ice locked up in Martian soil. There is enough water on Mars to fill the Hellas Basin and then some, possibly enough to turn the entire northern hemisphere into a swamp. As for the Moon, there is enough ice hidden in the polar areas to be useful as fuel for spaceships. In neither case is the amount so small as to be "meaningless."

Comment Re:Not at all (Score 3, Informative) 348

Exactly. When I make a vat of chili I like to use at least 4 varieties of peppers (preferably 5 or 6, whatever I can find), fresh and dried, to get that well-rounded burn that starts at the lips and goes all the way down the throat. Each pepper has its own type of burn; different durations and different areas of the mouth.

Grew my own bird's eyes last year, came out great. Dried them out and they developed a really nice smokiness to the flavor. Good heat too. Next year I'm going to try a few more types.

Comment Re:Science is about how, Religion is about why (Score 1) 1774

Unknown (or unknowable) and uncertain aren't exactly the same thing, and I don't think Heisenberg's principle applies to the discussion. There's still plenty we don't understand about QM, but we will figure it out, given enough time. If the Universe is essentially "digital" as Planck would lead us to believe, that may just be an effect of the holographic principle. Once we start considering higher order dimensionality, damn near anything is possible.

Don't mix them, religion will never tell you how in a reasonable way, and science couldn't give two cents about why.

I like that. :)

Comment Re:Science is about how, Religion is about why (Score 2) 1774

You're right, it's not an attack against God, it's simply the effort to make him unnecessary. Belief in the supernatural came about from primitive people trying to understand natural phenomena and lacking the tools to do so. As knowledge has grown, the importance of the supernatural has proportionally decreased. You yourself say that "Religion is about the mystery and that which can not be known." Science rejects the notion that there is anything which can't be known, there is only that which we do not understand yet. Unfortunately, the supernatural became institutionalized very early on when ambitious people realized they could use it to control others. "Do this because [deity] commands it! Else his wrath you shall suffer!" And they succeeded and grew powerful, so powerful that now there is a very large vested interest in maintaining that power, by whatever means. I admire that you see science for what it is, at the same time I am dismayed that you cling to the supernatural as well. The Universe loses none of its wonder when you understand how it works, and I for one don't feel any desire to believe in something "greater" than myself. I don't have to. I can observe greatness all around me at all times. Reality is much more impressive than magic.

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