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Submission + - New Raspberry Pi Model B+ Leaked by Mistake (hackaday.com)

speps writes: Hack A Day got news of Element14 of a new model of Raspberry Pi named "B+". This new model is rumored to have 2 additional USB ports, MicroSD, A/V combined into jack port and maybe a new chipset (mentioned in the comments and we can see a Samsung chip in the pictures).

Comments on the official forums seem to have been removed without any explanation. Also the specsheet has leaked from some manufacturers but it might not reflect the exact specs.

Comment Re:Be & Sky (Score 3, Interesting) 43

UK as well, I am with XILO, very satisfied, the customer support was excellent and the service is very good. Also, here is their answer concerning filtering : https://discuss.xilo.net/responses/whats-going-to-be-happening-with-the-opt-in-for-adult-content-thing They offer unlimited bandwidth offers and don't throttle traffic (as per their FAQ) : http://www.xilo.net/adsl_broadband/

Comment Battery Changing Stations (Score 1) 311

The mile range is not important, we need to change the way we charge and make stations where batteries are charged, you come and take one charged to replace the used one in your car and you can go as quick as before. Maybe even do an incentive to promote coming with the battery at 1% instead of 50% (if these batteries don't handle a charge from 50% well).

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