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Comment Good news everyone! Piracy is dead... (Score 2) 94

"If it is not on Bing or Google, then we have effectively eliminated piracy. Great job everyone."

Bonuses will be rewarded, a few more jobs at MS/Google to monitor piracy claims. Lawyers will creep away and chase something else.
But most of all - piracy will be dead!

OK, maybe not.
It could curtail the casual infringer. It will not deter true pirates, or those who may operate in the gray areas.

What is a gray area? I think there are many.
I once pre-ordered a CD from a band I really liked who had a new album coming out, two months ahead of the release. Release day came, and went. It was in stores, but I didn't have mine yet. After a week, I downloaded it. Another week passed, and my CD showed up.

I have purchased a DVD for my kids (many, actually) where I could not rip it to put on my media server. I was able to download it in less time that it would have taken to rip it.

I have a Roku, and I also have Charter cable. For a lot of the Roku channels I just have to log in with my Charter account to get access. Pretty painless process. However, for some of the channels (like Comedy Central) this doesn't work because they list multiple Charter providers, none of which are mine. So I am out of luck for those channels. It's not that big of a deal to me, so I don't download those shows. But I could see how that could piss some people off and why they might seek out to download them.

Comment This is great news!!! (Score 1) 89

OK.. so I am not sure why, but it is.
See, at work people always get praise for "going the extra mile", working overtime to get the job done. The people who rarely get the accolades are the ones who work effectively and efficiently at just doing the work. They don't get "recognition awards" for getting things done on schedule. That's just their job. But the downside is that to prove your worth, it is in your best interest to create a little chaos so you can step up and put out the fires.

Kudos to Linus and the kernel maintainers for continuing to do what they do.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 2) 203

Am in a similar boat. Linux is my desktop. No looking back. I use Wine for quite a number of apps that I need, and it does take some wrangling occasionally, but it's no comparison to Windows. I have a dual boot option for when I something such as to edit an image in Photoshop.

Linux is my desktop, and has been since 1998. My kids have windows PCs, and I have an old one that has been sitting around for a while. I still haven't had to boot it up for anything.

The only time I have needed windows for anything was recently to join a webex for work. I can work from home on my linux machine, I just run a container that has openconnect and xfreerdp on it, it launches and connects me to the VPN at work, then rdp's into my machine there. But on this particular occasion, I needed to have a webex and use the video. I used to be able to do this no problem, but I couldn't get it to work on my linux machine. It was really an issue with webex. It detected that I wasn't using an "approved" OS/Browser. I could even join their "test meeting" no problem, but couldn't get it to work with the one I was trying to join. So after a frantic 30 minutes, I just joined via phone. It was clearly due to some 'upgrade' on webex and not something on my side. So if I have to do that again, I will likely fire up that old windows machine just for that purpose.

  I have more games than time to play... I have Emulation Station installed, so I have MAME, Gameboy, Atari, and Super Nintendo to play. And quite a few games from Humble Bundles and Steam.

And I understand that some people may have some apps that they need Windows for, but unless you are a professional, I don't think Photoshop is one of them. Give GIMP a try. I understand if you spent the cash and are comfortable with Photoshop, but imagine not being tied to it.

Comment Re:Sanders, soon all Democrats, disagrees (Score 1) 202

That Fake News was form when they were trying to get Obama and Hillary elected. What has been dropping is the number of unemployed looking for jobs, once they gave up and stopped looking they no longer add to the unemployment rate...

You are talking about two different things. The definition of "unemployment rate" hasn't changed. It's not Fake News, it's called statistics, and they clearly define what they are measuring. Nothing fake about it. What is fake is people who make up things to push their position on something, and pretend they know what they are talking about. Like saying unemployment is something different than what it is. Saying people stopped looking for work is fine and may be true (no real stats to back that up though) - but saying the government is making up unemployment stats is patently false - or alternative facts, whichever term you prefer.

Comment As long as we have centralized, we'll have local.. (Score 2) 47

I too run a local email client.
In fact, I run pine (well, alpine). Yep, text based email.
Everyone I work with thinks I'm crazy. For me, it's what I need and I have used it for a long time.
For a few years back in the mid 2000s I ran Thunderbird, but it was still too heavy. And I couldn't get to my mail if I was elsewhere very easily.

I do have a few emails, and pull them into my local account with fetchmail. I can ssh in from work or elsewhere (even mobile) and check it. This means that I don't have to pull my mail into my work computer, or use webmail, which I really don't like. Attachments or URLs in an email are simple if I am at home, and can be a little problematic if I am remote. But it's a good tradeoff for blazing speed and simplicity. Archive off by month, I can grep my history quickly.

I know I am probably in a very remote few people who still use this, especially as my primary email. But I love it. Sorry Thunderbird.

Comment Re:Had to be said (Score 1) 202

Didn't see a post on it yet, but yet another Trump job creation victory! Seems like we'll be hearing a lot more like this in the coming four years.

I wonder what Trumps re-election prospects will be given a dramatic rise in jobs and economic growth is pretty much assured at this point, due to the administration before holding the economy down for so long... the geologic concept of elastic rebound applies here I think.

Say what?
The unemployment rate has been on a steady decline for the last 6 years. That was after we entered a recession (which, by the way, was caused by previous administrations) It is right about at pre-recession levels.

But don't let actual data stand in the way of your argument.

  And this announcement is just that - an announcement. A promise of jobs. By a company that markets people who sell an image, who do jobs that do nothing, for a premium price. If you don't mind, I'll just sit back and wait to see what happens.

Comment Re:Zuck off - perhaps... but... (Score 3, Insightful) 103

I know very little to anything about him. However, I think this entire story is such shit.

yes, he's a multi-billionaire and the CEO of a huge company.
All he did was post some information that was rattling around in his head - which EVERYONE seems to think is absolutely a necessary thing to do these days.
Then, he thought better of one sentence, and removed it.

And people lose their fucking minds and consider that to be NEWS worthy of reporting on. It's all asinine.

It's not important. It really isn't.

Comment Gopher and FTP... (Score 1) 610

Along with BBSes and usenet, you had to use gopher and FTP sites to get/share any information. It was more of a discovery process. It's staggering to think how far we have come since then. Everyone also had copies of the Jargon File and the Anarchist Cookbook in txt format.

I used to be able to read hex quickly, from using line analyzers at my first job (cell phone communications).
I also had to use 9-track tapes. Builds took several hours, installs took even longer. For the systems we were working on it was a 24hr cycle from build to running test system, and we only did them every two weeks. You had to be much more careful, and failing fast wasn't an option. I don't miss those days.

Comment Re:Tor? (Score 1) 186

Fact - people are lazy animals, and if you put obstacles in front of them, the vast majority of them look for the path of least resistance, even if it yields an inferior result.

Yes. And that's why people "pirate": the copyright cartels have made it so inconvenient to get usable content that even if you throw a bunch of caltrops in the road to TPB, it's still better than a DVD with unskippable warnings and ads, or stuttering streaming video.

Comment Re:Not what he said. (Score 1) 594

Paying your employees so poorly, and taking such poor care of them, is also sleazy. So we see here sleaze being used to fight sleaze. I am having a hard time getting upset.

Except for this: The claim is that he was specifically paid by the UAW to join the company and encourage people to join a union. If true, then that was his goal going in, which means he is just doing what he was paid to do - come up with a story about why they should unionize. If it were a former employee, or a current one, then it would have more credibility. But knowing that he joined for that purpose immediately weakens his credibility.

If that is not true, he could be just a regular working trying to organize in order to get better working conditions. We don't really know though.

Comment "private innovation"? (Score 1) 101

According to the wik, "The development of the laser enabled the first practical optical holograms that recorded 3D objects to be made in 1962 by Yuri Denisyuk in the Soviet Unionand by Emmett Leith and Juris Upatnieks at the University of Michigan, USA." Commies and socialized public universities gave us the hologram.

Comment posting as anon to preserve my moderation, but... (Score 1) 319

CEOs don't get paid for what they do. They get paid for what they promise to do. They get paid more if they actually do it.
That is just the reality of it.

They set the direction of a company, and make sure that they follow it. There are lots of factors there, and everyone seems to think it's an easy job. I don't, I think it would be extremely difficult. I think FF set out to grow, and become a bigger and more well-known brand. It was ambitious, but they were going up against a juggernaut in Google. They took some risks, it hasn't worked out that great, and they are regrouping. I hope they learn and come back better for it.

Everyone thinks that CEOs get paid too much, but what if they are successful? They can turn a company around or make them even more valuable. Just as they can break a company, they can make one as well. If they do that, then they are usually rewarded for it, and everyone wins.

Just trying to inject a little reality into this.

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