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Comment Re:common sense... (Score 1) 102

I can do without the condescension. And it seems that type of arrogance to state that gravity is 100% fact, is merely your own assertion based on what we are taught in schools as fact, though it is only a theory still. Albeit one that is sufficient mathematically for most of our money grubbing endeavors. You're knee-jerk reaction to assume I only meant magnetism is not my fault. However, based on just that alone, electromagnetism is how much stronger than the supposed force of gravity? So even a little bit of iron in the blood would be sufficient, though what I said what electromagnetism, not magnetism. l8r, cj

Comment Re:Why do we need to care about a gender gap? (Score 1) 376

That is so right on. I was intending to post something similar but you nailed it. The fact is //most// women are in fact emotionally driven and encouraged as women to be that way whereas //most// men are logic driven. That is not sexist, it's truth. True equality comes from understanding that we may be equal, but in different ways. The yin-yang symiotic nature does not mean that if a man is naturally good at 'this' then a woman should be good at 'this'. Though there are some things that may be done equally well by both sexes, and races, etc., a man IS better at 'this' and a woman IS better at 'that'. Whatever internal or external force suggesting such bogus 'political correctness' would do well to learn the lessons from affirmative action. Respond if you wish, don't react.

Comment Um... EXCEPT FOR PROBLEM SOLVING AND LOGIC!!! (Score 1) 1153

I sense this 'professor' may not be a good teacher if he can't show the practicality of the material he's teaching to his students Although perhaps he needs to clarify what does superficially appear to be him condoning a 'dumbing-down' of education which is meant to be to teach people to think for them selves logically rather than fill people with a bunch of facts and formulas that, I agree, may not be used by most. Though in an educational environment, they are absolutely relevant.

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