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Comment wink wink nudge nudge (Score 1) 367

This kind of thing goes on in the telephony business all the time, even if it is never an official policy.

Example: I had Comcast cable for net access, and Dish Network for the comedy channel (heheh). I discovered that if I got basic cable tv service, Comcast would automatically upgrade my internet speed to the highest possible. Cost of basic cable? $15/month. Discount with existing internet service? $10/mo. Cost to get much faster porn downloads, um, internet access? $5/month.

So, I ordered basic cable, the installer showed up, and while I wasnt looking, unplugged my satellite cable, and ran the analog cable tv signal over those wires. I said, uh, what are you doing? Putting in your service, sir. Yeah, well, there's nothing in your order about disrupting other services. Drill a hole, dammit!

The guy knew exactly what he was doing. After I got all that sorted out, I unplugged my basic cable (dont use it), called and complained to the office about the guy's conduct, and they removed the install fee from my bill. Bastards.

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