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Google Hacked, May Pull Out of China 687

D H NG writes "Following a sophisticated attack on Google infrastructure originating from China late last year, Google has decided to take 'a new approach' to China. In their investigation, Google found that more than 20 large companies had been infiltrated and dozens of Chinese human rights activists' Gmail accounts had been compromised. Google has decided to 'review the feasibility of [its] business operations in China,' no longer censoring results in, and if necessary, to 'shut down, and potentially [Google's] offices in China.'"

Comment Re:Magento is nice, but... (Score 1) 124

Zend, behind the framework to which it uses and a great PHP advocate, also wishes to advocate it's optimised LAMP servers. They have a cache demo to speed up pages on the server side so the "instant" loading is possible.

Optimisation has always been an issue but on shared hosting it's alright as long as you setup some subdomains make-do CDN so you can load your images.

Comment What does 18 million buy? (Score 1) 434

I run a webshop, and im wondering what the 18 million includes? What would they write this in? Is there 17 million in testing and contracts and 1 million in production? Maintenance agreements? SLA's? Just curious.. 18 million is more than most webs hops earn in a year doing hundreds of jobs probably much bigger than this.

Comment Depression (Score 1) 531

I make websites/applications for a living and have a company with designers and developers. IE6 has always been the bane of my existence. So much so that I feel like changing careers so I never have to work with it again. I thought it'd get easier but it's just one extra thing I have to do to get the website done.

We're thinking of charging extra for IE6 compatibility, but I live in China and the majority of IE6 or 3rd party software which use IE6's rendering engine are in abundance. It's as close as I can feel to hating my job every time IE6 comes into the workflow.

I hope you're reading this Microsoft - you've made the web a very unfun place for many years.

Comment Re:buy it from North Korea or Iran (Score 1) 282

Maybe - except they adore Chairman Mao. He's on every note except 1 which isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Chairman Mao is the symbolism for achievement in spite of the US, the environment, Japan and just about every competitive event that drives their nationalism.

Other than that, they hate it when the government doesn't feed them, so if you were to take over, make them hate the current government and retain their 'China No. 1' mentality with Mao thrown in.

Oh and just for the record.. I doubt VERY much the US isn't producing Plutonium. When someone asks where it's coming from, they just need a legitimate answer.

Comment Re:Ok Joomla fans, sell me (Score 1) 78

The 'multiple category' thing Joomla can't do without additional component (paid - jACL or Juga or something). The rest it can - called DocMan. It can integrate with this ACL sublayer and Joomla will read it as well. So you will have to go with Drupal if you don't want to pay and install about 10 modules to get the same functionality including a WYSIWYG editor and media control.

You'll then spend more time theming the admin interface, setting up those 10 components to work with roles and worrying about where your files are going which might all seem intuitive at the time but then you realise you've wasted 4 days versus the cost of a couple of components with Joomla.

Comment What's the harm, seriously... (Score 1) 474

I know a lot of people are REALLY afraid of putting their information online. Companies store it in a database and build a 'profile' of you etc and all that but .. so what?

Is it paranoia or ego like they think people will actually find their life interesting to seek them out or what?

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