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Comment Re:Clearly (Score 1) 391

The Astell & Kern (upmarket iRiver brand) has almost identical functionality, and are established and committed players in this marketplace - the sound from my AK100 is remarkably good when paired with good headphones and Hi Res music. (The price of the DACs in that or the Sony would be prohibitive for a phone).


My problem with this selling is Sony and their attitude to security & privacy. I'm inclined to believe they are only sorry they got caught hacking people's PCs (rootkit) and they don't seem to feel any responsibility for their disastrously lax security.

Personally I neither believe stealing, nor cracking is acceptable - I just wouldn't forget to fit locks on my doors and rely on ranting and war-mongering to put off potential hackers (whether criminal / corporate or governmental variety)

Comment Re:I think I speak for us all... (Score 1) 335

hmm Browsers and proxies permit anonymity, anonymity permits drugs and pornography - these must be stopped at all costs - so anonymous browsers should be stopped. Politicians start wars, wars cause death - politicians must be stopped at all costs. So no politicians should be permitted I could go with both proposals - they're equally logical...

Comment Cynical reaction to an atrocity (Score 1) 307

Such appalling cynicism!

So the UK intelligence services knew about both of those filmed in Woolwich - but they were not regarded as priorities

i.e. the intelligence people didn't have enough resources! So if they can't identify the dangerous "needle in a haystack" making the haystack several thousandfold bigger will help?

Clearly the politicians feel no more responsibility for the inadequate resourcing than the poor tax laws!

A good sound-bite is so much better than thinking a problem through and finding an apt solution.

Comment brilliant product - shame on the Government (Score 1) 89

and people got trained that computing was a tool to solve business problems. not - the more familiar now - here's a bit of kit who can we talk into buying it... yet another great product mismanaged. there again the British government got it all wrong - just like the Enigma machine & Alan Turing - better to hound him to death (as a gay security risk); hand the technology to the USA and block any use of any UK based experience for 30 years...

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