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Comment Re:we recommend using C++ (Score 2) 60

While C++ is the native binding of Qt (the toolkit Sailfish is based on), you perfectly free to write your apps in Python, as PyOtherSide is one of the officially supported methods for Jolla store apps. If you want to write apps to scratch your own itch and distribute them through FOSS channels to other nerds, you can easily use PyQt as well.

(Python wasn't invented in the 21th century per se, but most of the functionality that Python developers depend on these days dates from post-2000).

Comment Re:Google as last choice (Score 3, Informative) 210

What I would love is federated social networking somewhat like e-mail works on various servers transparently)

Even the federated model of e-mail has declined over time, with the vast majority of people using an e-mail address from a handful of large providers like GMail. Universities and companies are under pressure to have all the e-mail under their domain names actually served through GMail instead of running their own infrastructure. If you want to run your own server, there are a lot more hoops to jump through these days before you can federate, otherwise things you sent out just end up in spam folders. (These hoops are generally reasonable anti-spam ones, but they are nonetheless very different than a decade or two ago.) And now certain websites that monetize the hell out of their userbase are refusing registrations if the e-mail address you enter is from a domain that doesn't nudge its users into adopting a format like firstname.lastname@gmail.com.

Comment Re:Bye-bye, DVD (Score 5, Informative) 316

but, in addition, they tend to be shipped with unskippable junk that you have to watch every single time, before watching the material you are interested in.

It takes about 2 minutes of typing occasionally at the command line to rip the main title of the DVD and save it as an MKV file. Then, whenever you want to watch the film now or in the future, you don't have to deal with anything else that might be on that DVD. You never even have to take the DVD down from the shelf again unless you catastrophically lose data from your computer with no backups. I understand if the average man complains about unskippable ads or whatever, but how can one consider this a huge inconvenience on a "news for nerds" site?

Comment Re:Should I care? (Score 1, Interesting) 316

When I download files through torrent communities, I look for the magic words "BD rip" or "BD remux" or, for films not yet available in high def, DVD9. That means that you are getting bit-for-bit the same quality as the released Blu-ray/DVD. If studios stop releasing physical media and everything is available only through streaming websites, then you're only going to be able to get your films with lesser quality or higher filesizes.

Comment Re: Threshold (Score 1) 409

The civil unrest it causes could make it impractical to automate to that level.

That's what I thought when I visited South Africa, where almost every single establishment has more people working in it than are really needed; one just has to overemploy to maintain social harmony in the presence of a very high unemployment rate. I've grown used to self-service checkouts at supermarkets in my corner of Europe, but in SA I figured that if a supermarket tried to implement them, there'd be rioting and destruction.

Comment Re:By commenting, I'm part of the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 123

Posting it here is clickbait. The submission is almost guaranteed to rile the slashbots up and lead to lots of comments along the lines of "O tempora o mores!", "Kids these days want to change all the old stuff for no reason!". Nevermind that the Monopoly makers have thought about shaking up the piece set for decades. When I was a teenager in the early 1990s, someone doing a survey for Hasbro in the local shopping mall stopped me and asked me to give my opinions of possible new pieces.

Comment Re:Oh hell naw. (Score 1) 79

We live in an age where a person can take their entire media collection with them. If I suddenly remember a piece I haven't heard in years, I can play it straightaway, even if Iâ(TM)m sitting in a tent in Patagonia. You act like thereâ(TM)s something wrong with taking advantage of that possibility. And while every gram counts in the sense that I would happily go from a hard drive to a high-capacity USB stick if the price were right, the hard drive itself is still acceptable enough for travel.

Comment Re:Oh hell naw. (Score 1) 79

Indeed, my music collection is all FLACs, as well as full DVD or Bluray images for video content. Of course, on the road MP3 quality (and its equivalents for video) might suffice, but why bother re-encoding when I can just carry it all? Plus, I keep scores and books on the respective composer or musician in the same directory tree, and some of those image-heavy PDFs can really add up.

Comment Re:Oh hell naw. (Score 1) 79

I spent a lot of the year bicycle touring or backpacking, where one counts every gram of weight. I take my entire music collection, which is just over 1TB in size, with me on a portable hard drive, but a USB stick that is lighter and more shock-resistant (no moving parts) would be nice. No way I'd ever pay the prices set for these ultra-high-capacity USB sticks, though.

Comment Re:Why you should support these actions (Score 1) 258

So any reference books NOT used by people with manners who know how to put a book back where they took it?

Many libraries put up signs directing patrons not to reshelve books themselves, instead designating a space at the end of each row of shelves where books are to be left so that library staff do the reshelving.

Comment Re:Why not digitize? (Score 1) 258

Scanning is fast these days with the scanning function on photocopiers. It's not like in the old days when you had to rely on slow flatbed scanners. I scan several dozen books each year (when I visit other specialist libraries that have resources missing from my own), and a book of some 300 pages can be scanned in greyscale in 600 DPI in less than 20 minutes. Sometimes it can take longer to process the scanned images into a nice PDF suitable for upload to an ebook filesharing community than it actually took to scan the book.

That said, obviously no public library is going to go to all this trouble even if things have got faster. This would rightly be left to publishers or to specialist archival teams working on a grant.

Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 1) 258

It's much better than having to read corporate-approved "books" on a gadget controlled by said corporation.

I've owned a Kindle for the last three years and it has changed my life as a reader, but I have never bought a single book from Amazon: I just download whatever I want to read from pirate sites. (Often they are in .epub format, but with Calibre it's trivial to automatically convert the book to Kindle format when copying to the device). And no, Amazon is not "controlling my gadget": the moment I unboxed it, I set it in airplane mode, so it has never even connected to a network.

Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 1) 258

Space is limited. Many public libraries are housed in these tiny buildings. Even moving the books to closed stacks would still require maintenance of that storage space, plus paying people to bring up books from the stacks, and that's often beyond the small budgets of public libraries.

But these very frequent purges are typical of only public libraries with a very ordinary public. University libraries often purge their general libraries, but only after 5 or 10 years since an album last circulated. Only in university specialist libraries are items always held onto for the long haul even if no interest has been shown in them for some time.

Comment Re:Anonymous Overlay Networks - USE THEM :) (Score 1) 116

And they're fast enough too... you can easily share and fetch all a normal person could ever use... a lossless DVD-9 VOB rip...

I mainly torrent lossless Bluray images, which can get up to 30GB a pop... and that's with the current standard of quality. 4K film releases are around the corner, and so file sizes will only increase. I'm not sure that hidden services are prepared for the next level of video.

Comment Re:Anonymous Overlay Networks - USE THEM :) (Score 1) 116

Niche-interest parties like the Pirate Party only work in countries where larger parties need to form parliamentary coalitions to govern, and perhaps don't have first-past-the-post voting. Torrent sites, however, are being shut down by the big muscle of the US, which has an inviolable two-party system and voting third-party isn't an effective way of changing things.

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