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Comment re:zimmerman stalked the poor kid (Score -1, Troll) 588

>how can you possibly look at martin's behavior and not at all consider zimmerman's behavior? um, because only one of them was black. come on. the slashdot has a faction in it that is possibly more authoritarian, white, and afraid of blacks than any site i know of other than stormfront, even more than the freepers. i don't care what he facts were or what the behavior was, if the exact event occurred the opposite way (black man running down a stranger at night) they would claim the non-white being chased felt threatened and had every right to shoot the pursuer then, too. no matter how you rationalize it, the correct answer is to always shoot the black one. its just the way the i.t. community is. get over it.

Comment Try the elephant-made coffee then (Score 1) 184

Its pretty much replacing the Kopi Luwak. Someone figured out that the enzymes in the elephants system perform the same desired chemical changes even more effectively, and due to time spent digesting even more completely, while obviously offering the benefit of a massive increase in possible volume processed. All this, and from domesticated working animals that don't need to be force fed anything, as it is mixed in with their normal feed. Better, more humane, and cheaper too. Where is the downside to that? (Well, other than it coming out of a mammals asshole anyway)

Comment Re:BS (Score 4, Interesting) 322

I design and manufacture 3d printers and even i see this as overblown BS to an embarrassing degree. 3d printers have great practical if very specific uses, but they will not save - much less even find use in - the third world, they are not and will never be self-replicating, and they won't pay for themselves in the average household anytime soon. The hyperbole spewed by the almost religious sects that have sprung up around the reprap will be the undoing of 3d printing as a serious technology, or at least set it back a decade. I am a huge advocate of 3d printing, and these crazed reprap messiah types even creep me out.

Comment Re:how to ban guns in 4 states (Score 1) 632

the reason the gun grabbers love this idea so much (and it has come up every few years for decades) is not due to its function after you buy the gun. of course you can remove it, they don't care. the point is to drive the purchase price of firearms so high it prevent the sale in the first place. of course, they will likely also want to likely add removing this device to the same laws as removing serial numbers - you know, to 'prevent crime' or some crap, but really its mainly about driving cost up.

Comment Even rain would prevent this from reading (Score 1) 632

Personally, I have only had to shoot one human being in my life, and it unluckily happened to be one where my strong hand was wrapped in bandages and a brace from injuries sustained shortly beforehand. In my case, a weapons system equipped in this way would have failed to function. Same with any grit, ooze, or even water from rain, forget battery or electronics failure or any other environmental issue. No way. Not even close.

Comment Re:Very Odd Coincidence (Score 5, Insightful) 1061

They are all the same families, and the list is legit. You have to remember its a family business, not a church per se. Not only are they all related, they are mostly lawyers. Old man Phelps finally got disbarred, but his offspring and in-laws are mainly lawyers too, and they file for the church now. Its a lawsuit mill, and its a family business. The ones that go out and protest are only the bait to get either adverse crowd reactions and/or official denials of permits so that the lawyers can file suits against cities and universities for either failing to protect their people from crowd harassment or for 'violating their civil rights' for not giving into their usually pretty unreasonable protest demands as to exact time and location. They especially love universities, as invariably there are students that throw stuff at them or spray them with water, colleges are usually for more prone to settle than some other entities, and its a freebie two-fer anyway as there are usually city or county law enforcement involved as well in 'failing' to protect them from that, so they get two entities to sue for damages instead of just one. The 'Church' makes up to several million dollars a year on the settlements to all the nuisance suits, and have hundreds going at any one time, more than 1000 concurrent ones at some points in the past. Its strictly a business model.

Comment Hate speech =/= Free speech (Score 4, Informative) 1061

There have always been recognized limits to free speech. There are components of that here, especially as WBC doing this has been proven to be not political or religious speech, but simply a business model. They are lawsuit trolls. They go anywhere they can incite people, go to the nearest area to it that has an entity with deep pockets (like universities, etc), and attempt to 'protest' in the least practical and palatable manner, and then file suits against everyone involved. They had at one time roughly 1000 suits going in federal and state courts at any given time there for awhile, I am sure that hasn't changed any.

Comment Re:The moon is a bust. Mars is the next step. (Score 1) 55

Its actually the wind that makes Mars dust safe. Whats so special about it is that its weathered. Just like Earth. With no weathering, the Moons dust looks a lot like Silica or Asbestos; It is sharp, jagged, and extremely destructive. It destroys the fibers of suits and eats seals; the Apollo stuff almost fell apart afterward, it wouldn't have lasted a couple more days. Add to that it slices up and eats lungs too. Good luck developing a habitat in an environment where any dust is extremely lethal to the occupants. There is just no way to effect living quarters with no cross-contamination. It would be difficult to live in a sterile cleanroom setting here on earth. That Martian wind also distributes temperatures, you don't have the violent differentials of a vacuum. Mars actually has a lot of subtle benefits the more you look at them, the moon less.

Comment Re:The moon is a bust. Mars is the next step. (Score 2) 55

Wearing a suit that fails daily? Good luck with that. We simply don't have the materials for a suit to keep people alive there for very long, nor the ability to give them a place to live out of that suit that won't kill them in short order. Forget the usual logistical and technical difficulties, the destructive/lethal nature of contact with the lunar soil itself is a problem we can't even solve at this point.

Comment The moon is a bust. Mars is the next step. (Score 1) 55

Mars is actually easier to explore/colonize. The moon is not only beyond our current technology to colonize, it is even beyond any theoretical technologies we can imagine. If anyone wants to argue that point, first come up with a suit and/or seal material that can survive more than 30 hours in the lunar environment. Then we will cover the actual difficult stuff. Mars we can do right now. The moon is gone guys, let it go.

Comment Re:Canon or Nikon (Score -1) 569

Even that is a fallacy. A myth of marketing. While true that a canon camera lens can be physically be mounted to any Canon, Nikon lens to Nikon body, etc, that doesn't mean they actually work. Many don't. Nikon has all sorts of levels of unintentional physical and intentional artificial firmware locking to prevent their own lenses from working on their cameras interchangeably. Canon doesn't gimp their cameras firmware, but physical issues still apply with lenses not meant to work on the pro cameras due to optical limitations. Even if you have a lens you can keep and move from a $500 to a $5000 body, by that point you ostensibly no longer desire to use those original plastic, slow, $100 amateur lenses on that pro body. The fact of the matter is that you have to dump your initial gear and lenses (often several times) on that upgrade treadmill, same brand or not. Assuming you even are one of the extraordinarily rare individuals that does eventually climb up into owning 5 figures of pro gear. The 'upgrade path' is a myth, and a useless one to almost every consumer even -IF- it were remotely true.

Comment Re:Canon or Nikon (Score 5, Insightful) 569

You have to understand that for some the gear itself is a religion. They own dozens of camera yet take no pictures. The brand is the thing. Even if OP wanted an SLR, Pentax makes far better entry level/consumer SLR's, and there are other companies as well. The mantra of CANON/NIKON is due solely to the fact they are the only two companies that make full-bore pro level products costing many thousands. Not that that should be relevant to someone wanting a consumer camera, but for the brand worshipers, having one of those two nameplates is the single most important aspect of camera ownership.

Comment This is a surprise why? (Score 3, Informative) 186

You have conservative Christian 'law schools' that focus specifically on teaching how to use and apply law toward the explicit agenda of moving it in the direction of biblical principles. By definition, they are designed to only turn out activists. It is their express stated intent, and the way those schools promote themselves as different from traditional law schools they compete with. Is it any surprise then that the only real sizable pool of 'activist' judges are conservative/christian supremacist types?

Comment Re:Moderation system (Score 1, Interesting) 763

I am stuck on 1 as well, and no longer get mod points either. I contributed for years and had stellar karma, then I said one factual but inconvenient thing. Now I am stuck on 1 point forever as well. Actually, this is the first time I have contributed in a long time. The mod system did a very good job of driving me away from /. as a whole, which was probably its intended job the way it was constructed.

Comment Re:Moderation system (Score 1) 763

I would agree wholeheartedly, but no one will be able to read this comment as I had years of good karma wrecked by making only one constructive but non-groupthink comment, so this post now won't get enough points to appear on anyone's screen to begin with. The moderation system here is now an exercise in removal of people voices that don't adhere to strict orthodoxy.

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