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Comment Re:phys (Score 2) 205

Thanks, AC, for actually giving a serious answer and putting a human face on the too-often faceless target of fat ridicule. Everyone - literally every single person in the world - is facing their own unique struggle and it bugs me to see people dismissing other people's struggles so nonchalantly, like "Just be skinny! I can do it so why can't you"

Comment Re:He probably only needs 640K in his computer, to (Score 1) 362

Well, it makes sense to specialize in whatever you're best at. Tesla has innovated in some areas of automotive design, and simply followed the pack in other areas; i see no reason why Tesla Motors couldn't become an OEM parts supplier for other car makers, if they decide that batteries and all-electric power trains are interesting and reinventing the rearview mirror is boring.

Comment Re:huh (Score 3, Interesting) 171

Because apparently everyone thinks the only useful feature of a bottle is "lets you hold liquids in your hand."

The whole "resealing" thing is kind of useful, if you can't or don't want to finish your water in one sip.

There's also the thing where you can handle them with dirty hands and the inside stays sanitary.

But as long as you don't care about any of the pertinent features of bottles, sure, this is a "bottle."

Comment Re:Low - "Bad" CA's (Score 1) 80

Jesus christ. So Startssl won't even revoke a cert for a customer who's already bought it, unless they pay extra?

Why is Startssl a trusted CA? Shenanigans like that ought to be clear grounds for Chrome, Firefox et. al. to leave Startssl out of their default bundle. Am I wrong?

Comment Re:Low (Score 1) 80

It also costs money to mitigate and manage risk.

If you've been sending and receiving sensitive SSL traffic for a while before the vulnerability was disclosed, then you should consider all that traffic retroactively compromised, and that might involve calling up a lot of customers and breaking some bad news to them.

Being well-prepared helps, but it's ridiculous to suggest that this only costs money for the the ill-prepared.

Comment Re:Not malicious but not honest? (Score 1) 447

Medicine is a special case of a profession which is subject to additional consumer protections above and beyond the regular market ones, for reasons relating to safety.

you can, however, sell 'medicine' to the public with no guarantee of its *efficacy* for a particular purpose, merely that it be safe. That's homeopathy.

Comment Re:shut up you stupid app (Score 1) 299

Yeah, how unreasonable for feminists to want women in charge of beauty standards for women!

It's almost as bad as having black people developing and marketing those African hair straightening products!

Furthermore, I bet feminists have literally nothing to say about this product since women are involved - we all know that they have never ever criticized other women for participating in antifeminist stuff.

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