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Comment Re:Something seems really off here... (Score 2) 637

It's not all about quality, but also whether the game appeals to your interests. Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment were awesome games in terms of entertainment value, yet only a few people i know have actually finished them, because they had no interest in the story or real life events kept them from continuing and they never picked it up again.

I wonder how the percentages are regarding to books. I doubt more than 15% of otherwise avid readers who started reading Ulysses by James Choice finished it, yet i don't see the call for shorter books.

I think, TFA is yet another story of how beancounters and other people in the gaming business with no ties to it except for the money, are trying to change the world of gaming to their likings. I wish, they'd all get a seat on the B-Ark and took their consoles and "Jump-to-Conclusion-Mats" with them.

Comment Re:Aye, pirates be the reason IE6 just won’t (Score 1) 158

Unfortunately I am lacking pre-SP3 images and install media to back this up, but i don't think either of the service packs are required for Firefox. At least a quick google search didn't come up with anything relevant. I assume it's a different story with Adobe Flash and other plugins, though.

TBH I am surprised China hasn't yet developed it's own government controlled browser. That might give them just the control over their people they were looking for.

Comment Re:Lack of Supply (Score 1) 432

Thx for the artcle, but to quote it: "Asus expects to release 3G varieties via mobile carriers (to be announced) later this summer."

I just noticed how i blabbered in my initial post without making my point (shouldn't /. before the first 3 cups of coffee).

What i forgot to add was, that without store-presence android tablets are doomed to fail. Only few people do require tablets as productivity tools. For most people they're gadgets they want, entertainment devices, toys and probably status symbols. Those people are more likely to buy on impulse, when they see it in shops.

Comment Lack of Supply (Score 1) 432

Just last week, I went shopping for an Android Tablet (in Central Europe). The only Specs it needed to fulfill was to be on Honeycomb and to have UMTS onboard. And I wanted to have Hands-on-Test

I've been to over 20 shops and the only Tablets i found were the first Samsung Galaxy Tab - UMTS but no Honeycomb, one by Acer, no UMTS and an Archos tablet which had neither of my requirements.

Guess I'll have to wait until Samsung and Asus release their new tablets and hope, they actually hit the shelves.

Comment Re:If I were nVidia (Score 1) 240

You're right. There are not a lot of them.

It's still 2 months till the release of Brink, which will be an OpenGL game and a year or so till the relase of Rage. Until then the newest titles i know of are Enemy Territory - Quake Wars and Wolfenstein (MP only). Both of them aren't stressing for a modern gaming rig.

I know of 2 synthetic benchmarks, that'll certainly stress even the newest graphic cards: Furmark and the unigine engine's benchmarks.

Comment Re:Goes both ways... (Score 1) 645

How do you know that they are several men's memories? How do you know that the records exist?

Interestingly you already delivered everything that is necessary to set up a scientific experiment to evaluate the efficiency and reliability of memory: language.

Since you didn't learn how to form your thoughts into words and even turn those words into symbols at the very moment you expressed those thoughts in this forum, you relied on your memory to do so. And since others were capable of reading the outcome of your thoughts, it wasn't your very own illusion of rules of communication, but rather a collective knowledge, -to use your words- several men's memories, you relied on to engage this communication.


Comment Compatibility (Score 1) 421

Among all that propaganda bias and the discussion above most is a matter of personal preference. Looks, Features and even stability can work for one or the other package.

In my books compatibility is the biggest issue. I don't want to have to care, what programs the person i transmit my documents to is using. In that book OpenOffice scores way higher than MS Office. Not only is MS Office in my experience incompatible to itself (different versions, even language versions of the same iteration cause problems), also OpenOffice is more compatible to MS Office than the other way around.

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