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Comment Re:One rule for them and another for us (Score 1) 314

Uranium ore is a world wide commodity. It's listed on commodity indexs and has a price of $25 a pound. You could buy a few pounds yourself if you wanted to. Way down from the $50 a pound it was when that business was sold to the Russian concern. They took a big financial hit on that one. The US hasn't really lost access to Uranium ore and the business that the Russian concern bought took a HUGE financial hit. What's not to like.

Comment Ignorance and belief (Score 1) 240

What good is fact checking when you get people who BELIEVE something and no amount of factual information can dislodge that belief.
Willful ignorance is what it is called. Have you ever laid out all the facts and evidence of irrefutable proof on some subject to someone and heard 'I don't believe that and nothing is going to change my mind' in response. Fact checking is useless to those who could care less about facts, truth and reality.

Comment Re: Clearly (Score 1) 163

Perhaps that perception and or reality is based on the fact that they now use their gun before their brain? Incompetence exists at all levels of government and law enforcement. When the resultant outcome of contact with law enforcement is less justice and more death it's time for a reexamination of methods and the types of people involved.

Comment Re:If it doesn't use systemd, I'd like to use it. (Score 3, Interesting) 282

Bullcrap. I've built a few email servers and firewall boxes running Slackware. A few even have nine nines uptime. They are rock solid and damn near impenetrable. Your only argument is that they may not be great for cloud services and even that is debatable. Do you like the taste of foot?

Comment Outrageous pricing model. (Score 2) 97

I work the print communications production business. With todays prices for materials, labor and other intangibles the price to produce a modern paper back book is on the order of about 2 to 4 dollars depending on page count. The price to produce an e-book is mere pennies per sale of an individual downloaded book. E-books have turned out to be one of the biggest rip offs of the second decade of this century. These over priced e-books are a just a cash grab by publishers. It makes you wonder what portion of the price goes to the author and how much to the publishing house.

Comment Fundamentally broken. (Score 1) 413

If a process is allowed to grab 100 percent of CPU time then the operating system itself is fundamentally broken and no amount of fixing the app that grabs that amount of CPU is going to fix the problem. That being said....

Turn off automatic updates. If you can.

You can kill the offending svchost that is running wuauctl that is bogging your system down (sometimes this can take as much as 10 minutes or more on a slower machine) but it will just rerun at some later time putting you right back where you started. Sometimes the task manager will allow you to set the priority of the offending svchost to a lower amount most times it won't it's a crap shoot.
Rebooting will not help you because as soon as you reboot windows will run wuauctl under an svchost and your right back to square one.

or if your paranoid and want those updates

Since the task manager won't even list wuauctl as the culprit as that runs under svchost. Trust me wuauctl is the culprit here.
Get Process Explorer it will show all the running sub process's of a running svchost and will allow you to reset the priority to a lower amount. So....
Get process explorer if you can and set the offending wuauctl process priority to as low as you can set it.
That should net you about 15 to 20 percent of the CPU for the desktop and other apps. About enough
to surf the web but not enough to play a game or do anything else requiring all that much cpu.

Then sit back and enjoy your outdated buggy OS as it updates slowly.

Comment I have a theory. (Score 1) 85

When the earth and moon collided it was not a high speed affair, or at least not as high speed as most celestial collisions, and happened much later than most theories have it doing so. Part of the moons crust at the time peeled off during the collision and formed most of the land masses we now have on earth. Most of the detritus of the collision continued to rotate about the earth and moon causing many many meteor strikes on both planets. Like I said it's just a theory.

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