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Comment Re:Small government? (Score 1) 164

This is true and more people need to talk about it. The states nullified the Real ID act which shows that it works if the people are politically active enough in their states.

One of the best ways to beat the federal government is to ignore it.

Check the progress of current nullification efforts here:

Comment Online for the ultimate dynamic challenge. (Score 1) 362

I LOVE playing online. You have to realise that the "asshole" factor is just part of gaming culture and if you can't deal with that then you have a pretty thin skin: "Mum, the internet was mean to me. I don't want to play with the internet any more :("

That being said, there's nothing like neural network vs neural network gaming for thrills and and entertainment. Find a winning strategy, someone will figure out how to counter it. Think you've mastered the game, someone will pwn you. You must constantly evolve and learn new techniques/strategies. You can't be consistent or your dead. Of course, it has to be a well developed game first.

Until they make artificial neural networks to rival a human brain, online gaming will be the way for those looking to exercise the synapses.

Comment Re:What to call groups like these (Score 1) 204

To repeat about the GPL, which you like to twist to suit your agenda, you can't steal it while I have my copy. And anything you make from it is ours for the taking in the same fashion.

Exactly: sure a corporation can "steal" GPL code and use it in their product without releasing the source, but i say "good luck to them" in trying to sell it for more than $0 when there is no copyright. I think that the concept of a no copyright society hasn't been properly considered by many people.

Comment Re:Broken? More like fixed. (Score 1) 773

And what will you do when the federal government starts bringing back policies abhorrent to the nation as a whole? The citizens need to be able to protect the their rights across the country.

fixed that for ya.

Expecting people to uproot their lives and move to a different locality that respects them isn't a reasonable fix.

The locality in question is still a democratic institution and they can govern themselves as the see fit. I think the idea of local people deciding local policies is a very sane paradigm. As oppose to the one size fits all policies of the feds.

Comment IP is retarded (Score 1) 399

Now do you see why intellectual property is retarded? This is the danger of owning ideas. Now not even Google can't create a free codec without paying tribute to the H.264 overlords.

Large corporation patents everything under the sun = I can't even think without violating some patent.

Treating abstractions the same way as physical property is not good idea. Oh yes.... it promotes innovation and the arts etc. etc. Well, seriously, you can keep your innovation; it's not worth it.

IP = theft: Stolen from me are the the ideas that I might use, on account that someone else thought of them first.


Comment Re:Club Of Rome Fascism (Score 0, Offtopic) 599

I totally agree; get rid of welfare! The government is always using the "reduce cost of welfare" argument as justification for governing how you take care of yourself: tax cigarettes to reduce health costs, etc.

Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. Give the government responsibility over a facet of society and they get your freedom for free.

Same goes for education and health care. Get the government out of it and let the free market operate; and that doesn't mean crippling it by creating regulations which distort markets and locks out competition to established industries, and then blaming lack of regulation/government control as the problem.

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