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Comment Re:Following the standard instructions (Score 1) 335

So this training pretty much includes "hide under the desk", "keep lots of water onhand" and "being prepared on the internets"?

What comes to mind was that video I saw of a bunch of soldiers hiding under their desks during the Japanese require secret training for that?

Seriously?...I can make up stuff on the internet as good as the next guy...

Comment Unlimited bandwidth! (Score 1) 550

Not every single person on the planet has the ability to download until they turn blue in the face. Even when comparing a single 320kbit mp3 rip of a CD to the same done in FLAC, the megs really adds up.

FLAC is something 1% of 1% of the population wants and demands. I'm sorry if you audiophiles are butthurt over the lack of the FLAC, go buy the CD.

Comment Re:Key word here is BUDGET, get it? (Score 1) 133

Everything other than calling it "budget" is a flat out lie. Maybe if he had talked about it 9 months ago, hadn't posted on a forum that is basically about the bleeding edge, and didn't pretend to be the first person in the world to accomplish such a feat, he wouldn't be getting shit on in every corner of the intertubes where this flaming pile of an article got posted.

Too bad he can't claim in real life that he is the one responsible for so much hate, lest he get bitchslapped.

Kongregate App Pulled From Android Market 139

itwbennett writes "Last week Google took a page from Apple's book and pulled the Arcade by Kongregate app from the Android Market for violating its terms of service. In particular, the part that forbids distributing 'any Product whose primary purpose is to facilitate the distribution of Products outside of the Market.' As Kongregate's Jim Greer explained to Joystiq, the app is essentially a custom web browser that loads in a Flash game from the mobile version of Kongregate. Plus, it will cache the game so you can play offline. And this may be the feature that got it yanked, speculates Ryan Kim at GigaOm."

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