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Comment Re:Just keep in mind the tradeoff (Score 2) 556

So you think its really takes 10-20 years to recover their initial R&D. And its not like pharma companies don't slightly change the drug formula and extend the patent ? Greed is everywhere. While I am not saying that India doesnt need to honor the patent, I am saying balance is required. We should realize that compulsory licensing approval process is still under the purview of the WTO and other commercial bodies. Rocky.

Comment Re:United Nations (Score 1) 354

I can really see the US/UK agreeing to any demands to remove all articles about Tiananmen Square, or removal of all criticisms of any or all religions. (/sarcasm)

What is more likely to happen is that the west will veto most if not all proposals originating in the east and the middle east, and Russia and the east will veto most if not all proposals originating in the west (excuse the culturally biased geographic descriptions), and the system will be happily paralysed, resulting in no change to the current status quo. To my mind this is infinitely preferable to a system which can be destroyed, or at least greatly harmed, by unilateral action on the part of any bully-boy nation.

I'm not sure the UN taking over the internet is the right answer, but I am absolutely sure that leaving things the way they are is the wrong one. The article gives one good reason why...

Mod the above comment up. Sometimes its important to become a dictator and face the criticism for the sake of removing bureaucracy and making progress and reforms and sometimes we need to remove the dictator and create a bureaucratic system so that views of one dont interfere with the way of living of others. In this case the choice to shutdown was justified but the way wasn't. and more often then not, its this highhanded approach that I see being followed.

Comment Re:In perspective (Score 1) 380

Death is inevitable, everyone has to die and no matter how hard we try, we cant prevent all deaths. Some deaths are natural and some not, without death, the cycle of live and diversity will be disrupted. The important part we should learn from these deaths is where we made mistakes and never repeat them again. If we are able to do that then their death is not in vain.

Comment Re:Stallman and FOSS (Score 1) 1452

Dear Sir, I am not sure you have understood the point behind RMS' argument. Over the years, Jobs went from being the rebel against the big brother to become to new big brother with sugar coating and lot of fluff. Many people like those fluff and I also see that his designs also had value for a vast majority of them, people who like things to work. But to me the point is simple, I like to do things my way, just as he wanted to do, I want my freedom. His clout and person changed a lot a people into voluntarily giving away that freedom and accepting his view as the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >The fact is, apart from the a few geeks, people in the real world really don't care about his views or what he is trying to promote. I don't care if if anybody cares or not, but that doesn't take away his right to be part of the world and have his freedom.

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