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Submission + - One-to-many screensharing with proxy and server-side recording

spadadot writes: I am looking for an open-source solution to allow a user to share his screen in read-only mode with 50+ viewers. For obvious reasons related to bandwidth management, NAT traversals, etc. the video stream must be relayed by a central server. Finally, the central server must also be able to record the video stream to a file. Bonus points if the presenter can share only one of his screens or a portion of a screen and if it is multi-platform on both sides. Has anyone already tried it? Was it build on top of VNC? WebRTC?

Submission + - Webdesign School: How to Switch to a GNU/Linux Distribution

spadadot writes: I manage a rapidly growing webdesign school in France with 90 computers for our students, dispatched across several locations. By the end on the year it will amount to 200. Currently, they all run Windows 8 but we would love to switch to a GNU/Linux distribution (free software, easier to deploy/maintain and less licensing costs). The only thing preventing us is Adobe Photoshop which is only needed for 10-15 hours out of 490. The curriculum is highly focused on coding skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL) but we still need to teach our students how to extract images from a PSD template. And they need to exercise. The industry format for graphic designs is PSD so The Gimp (XCF) is not really an option. Running a Windows VM on every workstation would be hard to setup (we redeploy all our PCs every 3 months) and just as costly as the current setup. Every classroom has at least 20Mbit/s — 1Mbit/s ADSL connection so maybe setting up a centralized virtualization server would work? How many Windows/Photoshop licenses would we need then?

Anything else Slashdot would recommend?

Submission + - Crowd-sourced Experiment To Map All Human Skills

spadadot writes: French-based startup has just launched a website that will let you add your skills to a comprehensive map of human skills. As quoted from their website "We aim to build the largest, most accurate, multilingual skills database ever made, by allowing a diverse and skillful community to contribute their individual skills to the global map."

The ontology is simple: skills can have zero or more sub-skills. Every new skill is available in all supported languages (only English and French at the moment). Skill Project is based on graph database Neo4J and has a sleek UI based on HTML5 Canvas. The crowdsourced data is free for non-commercial use.

Submission + - Microsoft wants to provide free Internet in India using 'white space' spectrum (techienews.co.uk)

hypnosec writes: Microsoft has revealed its intention of providing free Internet in India through the use of ‘white space’ TV spectrum and to connect most rural areas of the country using the unused spectrum. Microsoft intends to use the 200MHz to 300MHz band in the white space – currently not in use and being owned by a government owned TV channel. Unlike Wi-Fi connectivity, which has a range of about 100 metres, white space TV spectrum has a range of up to 10 km – an ideal means for providing internet connectivity to the vast rural population of India.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How Do You Install Ubuntu on 30 Laptops and Keep Them in Sync?

spadadot writes: "I am setting up a new event in France (Open du Web http://www.open-du-web.fr/ where between 15 and 30 laptops running Ubuntu Linux will be available. They came with Windows preinstalled and it must stay for other purposes. I'd like to take care of only one of them (resize the hard drive, install Ubuntu, add additional software and apply custom settings) and effortlessly replicate everything to the others including hard drive resizing (unattended installation). After replicating, what should I do if I need to install new software or change some settings without manually repeating the same task on each one of them? Should I look into FAI (http://fai-project.org/), iPXE (http://ipxe.org/), Clonezilla (http://clonezilla.org/), OCS Inventory NG (http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/) ? Other configuration management software (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_open_source_configuration_management_software)? I would also like to reset the laptops to the original environment after the event."

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