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Submission + - UK courts ordered to block The Pirate Bay ( 1

nk497 writes: "A UK court has ordered five top ISPs to block users from accessing The Pirate Bay. However, the UK's largest ISP, BT, has asked for "a few more weeks to further consider their position", although it isn't yet clear exactly why. The ISPs are being forced via courts to block the site after refusing to do so after a request from music lobby group BPI last year.

The block follows a similar case with Newzbin last year. Of course, that site remains available in the UK after it simply switched domains."


NASA Rocket Barrage Will Light Up Mid-Atlantic Coast 69

coondoggie writes "NASA will this week detail a mission where it will launch five rockets in five minutes from its Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia that will light up the night sky for millions of folks in a swath between New York City and about Wilmington, NC. The five rocket blasts, which could occur between March 14 and April 4, are part of what the space agency calls the Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment (ATREX), a Heliophysics sounding rocket mission that aims to gather data needed to better understand the high-altitude jet stream located 60 to 65 miles above the surface of the Earth, NASA said." NASA will be hosting a teleconference at 1PM EST on Wednesday to discuss the mission. They also have brief PDF descriptions of the rockets involved: Terrier-Improved Orion, Terrier Oriole, and Terrier Malemute.

Comment Re:Really bad idea. (Score 1) 1173

All in all, I believe they reduce the risk of fatal accidents but do cause more non-fatal ones (there are probably some statistics floating around but I cba looking them up...)

Statistics seem to claim the opposite, according to Wikipedia they are actually safer, with up to 90% fewer fatalities because most collisions occur at an indirect angle.

Comment Re:Hydrogen (Score 0) 157

I would have thought there were more obvious benefits to using hydrogen fuel cells:

lower heat produced during electricity generation means lower heat signature(not sure any missiles use spectrometry to find targets).

lighter than a internal combustion engine I think... also more joules per kilogram from the hydrogen.


green :-P

Comment Re:Lego Mindstorm (Score 0) 704

Things that move are way more impressive than Printf("Hello World")!

Lego Mindstorms are a good start but the first thing that got me into engineering was playing with microcontrollors, AVRs are probably easiest to start with, dev kits like the Arduino ( are readily available.

They are easy and fun to code for and you can light up some LEDs or make small robots with ease.

Another little kit is a nice AVR based robot (code is a little out of date and references needed updating last time I used it)

Comment Re:419 Scammers? No, it's really employers. (Score 0) 287

Say you have a friend named Martin. How much more likely are you to open emails saying they're from Martin and a FYI that his email address changed, which could (in a followup email) lead you to opening a trojan/virus?

I get these all the time from muppet friend who have had their password stolen, but it is definitely easy to tell... I got this from a friend

Hey How are you doing? ,I ordered one white 3gs apple iphone from one good website , much cheaper but brand new ,agenuine , You can check it if you would like . Cheers

That was with full access to facebook information and from her actual address. WOW thats good social engineering.

Comment Re:It was a farce... (Score 0) 384

My letter to my MP Dear Dr Alan Whitehead, I would like to inform you of my intentions to vote for the liberal democrats in the upcoming election primarily because of your support for the digital economy bill recently passed in the commons. I had been, and still am a labour supporter but cannot vote for a party, and an MP that is not prepared to object to a bill that is clearly ill thought out and counter productive. Whilst I accept that piracy is a huge problem for British industry, a person cannot be made responsible for their internet connection when it is nearly impossible - and beyond the average user - to properly secure. People may even be encouraged by this bill to use others WiFi around them rather than their own, creating further problems and encouraging illegal activities. Yours sincerely, SpacePigNinja (used my actual name) Everyone should do the same! (feel free to copy!) See that Mandelson? that's called sharing!

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 1) 101

"Do you want your DNA to be stored indefinitely on a national database?"

a more useful question might have been 'would you be prepared to have your DNA on a database if it would act as a deterrent for crime and help bring criminals to justice'.

I realise this does not apply to Google, who seem to have brought new meaning to the phrase

'information is power'

lets just hope the don't blackmail me with my porn habits (over 60s is normal right?)

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