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Comment Re:oh QNX (Score 1) 262

I'm assuming you weren't very close to the project, seeing as there is no QNX 5.

Assuming the code was actually from QNX 4, I don't know why you expected it to be a simple recompile. QNX 6 was a completely new operating system rewritten from the ground up. Just imagine getting your old Mac OS9 programs to compile for OSX.

Comment Pot and kettle... (Score 2) 917

Considering how bigoted the Slashdot hivemind generally is concerning people who use Windows, or oppose OSS, or aren't technically inclined, or some of the rather rough things people here say about the Chinese, or the religious... it's rather hypocritical for Slashdot to be calling anyone else bigoted...

Submission + - Major budget cuts to slow down progress at LHC (

Gnaget writes: Major budget cuts at the world's biggest atom smasher over the next five years are set to slow down its quest to unlock the deepest secrets of the universe, management and staff warned on Wednesday.

The director-general of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), Rolf Heuer, presented a proposal for 450 million Swiss francs (433 million dollars, 343 million euros) in savings in 2011-2015 to its 20 member states at a meeting here, spokesman James Gillies told AFP.

Great, each country saves less than $25 million dollars at the cost of human advancement. I'm sure that will make a huge dent in those deficits.

Comment Re:American Guns!! Yay NRA!! (Score 5, Insightful) 518

I'm not a really pro-gun person, but really, considering they're selling something that's illegal to make, traffic and sell... I can't see them having a hard time making, trafficking or selling guns either if they were illegal.

Especially with the news of numerous corrupt police and government officials in the whole drug war, I can't see it being too hard for them to 'somehow' get a bunch of military weapons if they needed to.

Comment Re:Sounds rawther libertarian to me (Score 2, Informative) 23

Interestingly, the province of Ontario sort of has something like this. There's a section on the provincial tax return where you can donate any amount you want to the provincial government, ostensibly going directly towards debt reduction (or you can donate directly if you want). Supposedly it gets about $100,000 a year. Not much, but I guess it's another million less gathering interest.

Comment Re:Don't hold your breath (Score 1) 359

...uhm, but this has nothing to do with the RIAA or MPAA (not their Canadian counterparts). In fact, he's already raised the ire of the mobile phone companies by letting in foreign investment and opening up the spectrum to smaller players. So far the current government hasn't really seemed very one-sided on the mobile phone front, so I wouldn't be surprised either way if he support it.

That being said, even if Stephen Harper hates the idea, I doubt he'll use up some of his party political capital to whip the vote over something this small. It's almost for sure going to be a free vote, which means it probably won't fit nicely down party lines.

Comment Multi-level Marketing? (Score 1) 296

It sounds like North Korea is moving into the highly lucrative multi-level marketing system. Along with this drink I'm assuming they'll start a long distance carrier that friends will attempt to get you to sign up for so they can get a commission, a business to sell rubies to friends, and possibly a skin cream to infuse your face with nutrients?

Comment Re:It's not just spelling (Score 1) 534

Ontario resident speaking here (Ontario, Canada). I blame a large part of that problem here on the fact that, while I was forced to take 5 English credits in high school (but only 1 math, which kind of shows their priorities...), those English classes dealt very little with spelling, language, grammar, or much related to the actual language. Instead, we were supposed to analyze food imagery in Shakespeare and outline the 'Emotional connotation' of events in short stories.

I'd rather have had the grammar lessons. At least I'd feel like I learned something out of it, aside from it almost destroying my enjoyment of reading, which took years to recover after high school.

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