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Submission + - Intel Dials Up Business Calling

WSJdpatton writes: "Intel is mounting a long-term campaign to turn personal computers into more reliable tools for calling and conferencing, writes Don Clark. Instead of exploiting the Internet to lower communications costs, the next phase is about adding new features, says Steve Grobman, an Intel director of business-client architecture involved in the effort. Among the benefits for business: broader access to online meetings with advanced features such as TiVo-style playback, instant captioning of conversations — or even translation into multiple languages, Mr. Grobman says."

Submission + - XM Satellite Glitch

An anonymous reader writes: Subscribers to XM Satellite Radio have seen service problems run into a second day, with some getting "no signal" messages on their receivers. Subscribers to XM Satellite Radio have seen service problems run into a second day, with some getting "no signal" messages on their receivers. 5.html XM said yesterday that some customers had disruptions due to software problems, beginning around noon Eastern time. The company did not say how many of its eight million subscribers were affected, but said it expected the problem to be fixed by early today.

Submission + - China Hitching a Russian Ride to Mars

simonbp writes: "China is preparing its own Mars probe — Yinghuo-1 — that will hitch-hike a ride to the Red Planet with the Russian Phobus-Grunt probe (mission video). The development of the probe started at the Shangai Academy of Spaceflight in late 2006, and a prototype will be ready by April 2008. The Mars probe will be ready vehicle integration four months before being launched by a Soyuz-2 launch vehicle in October 2009."

Submission + - A 307 Digit Factored Calls For 1024-bit Encryption

eldavojohn writes: "Math & security experts might be interested in the 307 digit number that was factored over eleven months on enough computers that one century of computer time was used. This was factored using the famous sieve by a team including Lenstra who is quoted as saying "We have more powerful computers, we have come up with better ways to map the algorithm onto the architecture, and we take better advantage of cache behavior. Is the writing on the wall for 1024-bit encryption? The answer to that question is an unqualified yes.""

Submission + - roovno beats google for google :)

Anonymous Coward writes: "Yup, you read the subject right :) Please take a few minutes to visit and you'll see the difference — no duplicate results, option to view the link in the same page (Quick look) and to forward the link directly from the search page and don't even get me started on the audio and video searches... Here's the search result for 'Heavy Fuel': 0fuel&type=Audio The very first (and all subsequent) link gets you to the song! What was intended to be a search engine might be a raging success as a P2P song download website...

If you have a blog and wonder if it could generate some cash for you, try — a place where you can trade your ad space for the price you choose (market forces apply, of course). Trading is currently free but we'll probably get a cut from your earnings after the official launch of the services.

Both the above are pre-beta versions for some of the services offered at roovno. For any feedback you can either use the link marked 'Get us out of Beta' or send me a direct email. Please help to save the planet by not replying to the entire yahoogroup, the server heat contributes to global warming. Whatever happened to the bees anyways?

Oh and, if you do like roovno, please help to spread the word ;)"
The Internet

Submission + - Two views of outing witnesses

netbuzz writes: "Read both of these stories before making up your mind about, a controversial Web site devoted to revealing the identities of informants and undercover agents. They'll demonstrate that the question of what, if anything, should be done about such sites ought to be a tough call for anyone interested in balancing the interests of law enforcement, witness protection and free speech. 9"

Submission + - New and unknown species from the Deep

mlimber writes: The New York Times's science section has a review of a new book of photos and essays about unearthly creatures from some of the deepest underwater trenches on earth. The accompanying slideshow offers glimpses of some of these jaw-droppingly strange creatures.
Internet Explorer

Submission + - IE7 lets passwords slip 'by design' reader writes: "Visitors can have their passwords for many community sites stolen if they use Internet Explorer 7 or lower. Almost all sites that let their users host images or other binary data are vulnerable. Microsoft has been informed, but tells this bug is 'by design' (translated from Dutch). The problem lies in the way that Internet Explorer(IE) handles binary data. Instead of following the standard (RFC2616), IE determines the content-type in a wrong way. A perfectly valid image like this one or this one is interpreted as HTML in IE. Thereby, JavaScript is executed and passwords for community sites can be stolen (because of this XSS vulnerability). Microsoft will not fix this problem before Internet Explorer 8. On my machine, passwords seem to be safe from this bug with Opera 9.21 and Firefox"

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