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Comment Re:So how hard are we gonna get screwed? (Score 2, Insightful) 102

What wacky alternate universe is this, in which a company that supports its games for more than a decade post-launch (my old SC license validated just fine recently on the new bnet) is characterized as screwing their customers? Have you honestly been getting better value from any other publisher? And if $10 "sounds about right" for a decade of great gameplay, then the future is pretty much all about minesweeper and solitaire, 'cuz game development just won't pay the bills any more.

Comment Everything is political (Score 3, Interesting) 277

So the union doesn't think its positions aren't political? Nonsense. Policy - what we do about the facts - is supposed to be political. Many European countries are effectively bankrupt today. That's the fact. The policies that flow from that fact are political, and there's not a scientifically "right" choice to be made. Do they cut spending? Increase the retirement age? They need to choose based on their values and culture. Scientists are great at finding facts, but return to being regular citizens - no more or less important than anyone else - when it comes to deciding what to do about the facts. The website amounts to a lobby effort to increase funding and power for a bunch of civil servants, the vast majority of whom are engaged in necessary but mundane research that is nowhere near as important as they would like you to think.

Comment Feature? (Score 1) 406

What percentage of G2 (or any smartphone) customers will mess with the OS? I have no idea, but IF it's very small (I'm thinking less than 1%), then for 99% of customers, if their phone gets rooted, it's almost certainly a Very Bad Thing. In which case, the OS reasserting itself is a feature. One that most customers would likely appreciate. So are the companies involved being evil, or do they just have a different perspective? I'm not saying they don't have other, more evil intentions. But I don't think this issue proves that they do.

Submission + - WordPress Support 24/7, except when brainstorming

southfarthing writes: WordPress support appears to be offline, and will be for more than a week. But it's not a system failure, it's deliberate, for "brainstorming ways to make WordPress.com better". Really.

My wife has been messing with her blogs and ran into trouble with how WordPress handles one of her URL's. She can't solve it on her own, as the problem is (or appears to be) on WP's side. No problem, says I, just contact support, which is advertised as "24/7" on their site. Except when it's not...

Drill down into WordPress support (which, for the self-serve stuff, appears to be a great resource), and you eventually find a "contact" link, which resolves to this page (http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/), which informs you that, "Support is currently closed as staff meet offsite brainstorming ways to make WordPress.com better. We will be dropping into the forums regularly during the hiatus, and we’ll formally reopen on September 19th."

Surely they could make WordPress better by providing support. Don't they get the irony?

Know of any other web services that would close support for more than a week?

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