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Comment What could they possibly be thinking? (Score 2) 1368

The US Civil War was fought to decide this issue. States cannot secede from the US. Investors aren't stupid, so what are they trying to show? That they think we must be? That they'll throw money at anything drawing attention to their displeasure with the president-elect?

That making a hyperbolic proposition as an opening is just part of the art of the deal?

Comment Re: Senile? (Score 0) 951

This theory could easily replace existing religions with something more believable than a bearded man sitting on a cloud. In this case our supreme being would be a software engineer. If we are made in "His Image" than it follows that this engineer is most likely human as well and we are in a "planet evolution simulator", built by humans in "base reality" (probably. Nothing suggests that the simulation itself isn't recursively running in another simulation, a case of AI gone haywire). All hail our prophet Elon!

Comment Jurisprudence (Score 4, Interesting) 263

This is insane! Besides an enforcement issue (Will the government check this man's belongings to make sure there are no backups?) The photos are his property as he is the photographer. This is a disturbing ruling. Now the subject gets to decide on how the artist portrays it. I modeled nude for a painting class a decade ago, can I have all these paintings destroyed?

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