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Comment Out of those 9%... (Score 1) 378

if you are one of the 9% of Slashdot readers who actually uses IE

I have a feeling at least 5% of these must be behind some proxy servers which mask the User-agent string with IE one.

Ok I admit that the feeling is not speculation, but more like hope.

Comment Human Brain doesn't excel at all either. (Score 1) 143

requires four megawatts, and still has trouble with vision, motion, and 'common sense

I have known many people who have ~100billion or so neurons that consume 20 watts of power, but they also have plenty of trouble with "Common sense". Actually they might be less sensible in some areas than a 100Kb C code running on a puny little Pentium 4.

Comment What about other OSS projects? (Score 1) 329

I wonder what will happen to other open source projects that are mainly funded my Nokia. One example that comes to mind is (meta) tracker. AFAIK, most of its development is sponsored by Nokia as part of their Meego platform. and considering Microsoft's relation with OSS, I won't be surprised if Meego was the first to be axed.

Comment An organization to protect OSS ideas (Score 1) 187

This makes me wonder, why isn't there a law related to OSS and companies trying to patent or benefit from open code or software without complying with the related license (GNU for most part)?

And if the such a law is not possible, there should be an OSS organization that itself patents some code or ideas, profit from it, and eventually drive development of open code.

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