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Submission + - Enlightenment Mysteriously Drops Wayland Support

jones_supa writes: According to the release notes, Enlightenment 0.19.12 is an important release that fixes over 40 issues, which is quite something, considering the fact that the previous versions had only a few improvements, with most of them being minor. However, the big news is that 0.19.12 drops support for the Wayland display server. Unfortunately, the Enlightenment developers have omitted to mention why they decided to remove any form of support for Wayland from this release, and if it will return in upcoming releases of the software.

Comment Re:We'll never know - Japan's investigators are ba (Score 1) 99

He mixed up 2 different cases. One is the one you described, and the other is the 'cat' person using a "remote control virus" to taunt the police and got them to arrest the wrong person (whose PC is infected and used to send email remotely). He got caught and confessed eventually I think.

Comment The NFC terminal shouldn't be active until needed (Score 2) 193

The hardware having the wrong range is probably pretty hard to avoid due to variance between terminals and problems keeping them all tuned over their lifetime.

However, the NFC reader shouldn't be active until the customer told the cashier he/she will be using a contactless card for payment and the cashier enabling the reader.

It wouldn't prevent reading the wrong card if the customer has several NFC cards, but it would at least prevent the kind of surprises shown in the article.

Comment Re:Flash (Score 1) 665

I hate flash as much as everyone, but I think the blame is misplaced wrt the Firefox situation.

On my system Firefox only locks up when I close a tab containing flash, never when flash is running. I have not had flash content crash in mid-run, let alone it bringing down the browser.

Sure, killing plugin-container.exe unlocks the browser, but it is an ugly hack at the most and not a fix.

Firefox devs have been plugging their ears and closing their eyes every time someone mentions this problem. They cannot expect users to believe it is the users' setup (or drivers, or plugins) that is the fault in every case when there are so many reports in the wild.

It also doesn't explain why other browsers have no such problem, nor why FF 3.6 did not have it (without resorting to lame excuses like "the flash version is different") either.


Submission + - Universal Music failed to declare more than 110 million USD in income in Japan (

soramimicake writes: Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun reports that Japanese tax authorities have found that Universal Music LLC, the local arm of Universal Music Group, failed to declare about 9 billion yen (more than 114 million USD) in taxable income over a three-year period through Dec. 31, 2010. Japanese sources said Univeral Music is being pursued for 3 billion yen of additional tax because of this, and UM LLC has appealed to the National Tax Tribunal.

Comment Re:SpinRite (Score 2) 297

There are bad sectors on your brand new drive. You can count on it. You have to make the drive find them and map around them because it won't happen in the factory.

In the MFM/RLL days, SCSI disks were tested in the factory and came with a list of known bad C/H/S locations, and also keeps a list for bad sectors developed afterwards. I forgot whether the controller board had to skip those sectors during LBA translation or the OS had to not use them.

When IDE drives came out, the 'factory list' suddenly disappeared, and all drives seemingly came with 0 bad sectors out of the factory, but it was understood that the list was just hidden. They also introduced reserved sectors used to replace bad sectors developed afterwards so the user/OS always can always see/use the same capacity as long as the reserved area is not used up.

I believe this is still the case (test in the factory and hiding the list) as 2 new drives of the same model / batch can perform differently when tested, and sometimes there are consistent speed dips in the performance graph where you can tell something is going on.

That said, drives nowadays are more reliable, and I've not encountered a drive that develop bad sectors during the initial fill with random data, which I always do when I buy a new drive. I would not trust any brand-new drive which does it and for old drives that develops bad sectors I'll not use for anything important, even though the drive can reallocate them and might still run for years onwards.

Submission + - Thousands defend their rights as store tries to ba (

soramimicake writes: After some Hong Kong people complained on a local discussion group that they were stopped and chased away by security when they tried to take photo on the public street outside of a Dolce & Gabbana fashion store, local newspaper Apple Daily did an investigation and was treated the same when their reporters tried to take photos. The Apple Daily report was widely discussed in the media, and people decided to defend their rights to public photography by exercising them. They organise a photo-taking event this past weekend on facebook (, and more than a thousand people showed up outside the store to take photos of themselves / their car / their pets with the store window as background. There were even wedding couples and graduating students going there to take their wedding / graduation photos.

Comment Rather than working on the UI (Score 1) 260

Please work on something that will be actually useful, like those below. These are hard to do but it looks really bad when Mozilla ignore these for nearly 10 years to work on eye candy.

HTML5 <ruby> support

CSS3 writing-mode (vertical text)

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