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Comment Re: Politics Feh (Score 0) 130

Are you fracking kidding me? You're equating the group of people refuting the nonsensical anti-AGW claims with science ( "10 of the hottest years occured in the last 18", "oceeans are absorbing some of the heat") with the camp that trots out the same fracking tired arguments that have been refuted over and over again in every fracking thread? Science isn't a "camp", it's the conclusion you reach after looking at the data.

The problem with these threads is there are too many idiot trolls who think themselves oh so much smarter than the people who spend their entire lives studying the topic of climate.

Comment Re: Harvard is the right place (Score 1) 348

Do you fracking understand Saddam was our ally in the Middle East? He kept Iran subdued and under control. With him gone and ISIS going wild we were *forced* into allying with Iran, helping them develop nuclear technology in exchange for their help in the MEast. That's what Bush's fracking legacy is.

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