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Submission + - What country should I move to?

sonciwind writes: With my personal liberties eroding away on a daily basis in the US, and the economy slipping I'm wondering what the best country in the world to live in would be. Perhaps it's still the US (for me), just less so. The idea that I cannot go traveling to another country and return without the possibility of my laptop being confiscated and detained without cause really bothers me and makes me think twice about traveling. It also makes me think once about possibly relocating somewhere more citizen friendly. What would I look for in a new home country? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness sound like good qualities. A good internet connection is a must. Having lots of opportunity to find work and make a living and access to the latest electronic goodies at a fair price is important to me, too. I'm sure there are lots of things I take for granted living in the US that I would miss in other countries. There are lots of resources within the US and travel within the US is pretty reasonable. I'd like to hear what other countries would be good to live in and why, of course. Language is not important to me. A person immersed in another country can learn a new language pretty quickly if they make an effort.

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