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Comment Zoneminder HCL (Score 0) 134

There is a fairly large amount of documentation on hardware compatibility on the zoneminder forum, if that's the route you're going for capture and control of your cameras:

There was also a rather nice camera that was kickstarted a while back, but I forgot the name of it.

Comment LILO vs GRUB2 (Score 0) 183

Does anybody know what inspired the architectural choice of LILO as a bootloader as opposed to GRUB2, in a nutshell?

I am neutral as far as any political choice between my two favorite bootloader candidates are concerned, but I am a little weary of a bootloader I haven't elected to use within the past 4 years.

Should I be afraid of LILO?


Submission + - The 29 Most Disturbing Names People Have Given Their iPhones, iPads and iPods (

puddingebola writes: This is important news. As it turns out, people give their iPods and iPads names that are disturbing. We can thank Antisec for bringing this information to light. From the article, "Besides wondering why exactly the government is collecting data on the Apple products citizens are using (the FBI insists that there's no proof these data came from inside the agency) or checking if your gadget's info has be released by hackers, we have to sit and marvel at some of the disturbing names people give their iGadgets."
Open Source

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: FOSS for an amateur writer?

somethingtoremember writes: "I have an older friend, an ex-sysadmin, who spends his retired and waning years composing a significant amount of science fiction. He has a fairly large body of work and is looking for software to organize and compose it. He's a fairly competent user of Linux and feels that simple directory structures don't cut it. And I don't want to build a CMS.

yWriter and Writer's Café show some functionality but are not FOSS. The ability to design and output a work for final printing would be nice but is optional. Any ideas?"

Comment Not the only .*camp for hackers! (Score 0) 20

I recently attended a givecamp ( and it was quite a satisfying experience.
It was great to get out and be a part of a greater good, especially on centered around programming.
In fact, it was probably the hardest i've ever worked on a computer in a 60 hour period in my life
Couldn't say I learned much though, just got really frustrated at Drupal!:)

Comment Means of communication (Score 0) 239

What makes the researchers think that aliens would even be using radio signals to communicate? And if they were intelligent, what's not to say that they were simply smart enough not to make as much noise as us humans? What, do you think every intelligent creature thinks of itself as an interplanetary HAM operator or something?

Comment Counterstrike as alternative to WW III (Score 0) 134

Just send computers overseas to those who don't have them, along with high speed internet and a Steam subscription. The warring nations can battle it out in virtual games and the rest of the bystanders can live in peace. Genocide and war solved by computers! I've been saying this ever since high school, when Bush was pushing for the invasion of Iraq ! :: ... oh wait... they're going to learn those computers to 'cyberattack our infrastructure' Yeah right. What ever 'they' and 'our' is.

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