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Comment Fixed TFA for you (Score 1) 164

The problem, however, is not if, but when the data fall into the wrong hands, or not if, but when the data is compromised. The data is precise enough that Kamkar says Google not can, but will correlate timing and frequency of phone usage to pinpoint an Android owner's home address. "When your phone is at the same location during night hours, they know where you live," says Kamkar. "When your phone location is on the move, they will guess that you're in a car and even calculate how fast your car is moving."

Comment Re:Skynet (Score 2) 674

This computer later became Skynet.

Yet ironically, Watson failed to score on any of the "Also On Your Computer Keys" category.
Some poor IBM intern is getting reamed for not giving Watson a keyboard to refer to, on the podium.

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