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Comment Re:What does Obama know that we don't? (Score 5, Informative) 284

I agree with your points, and I would add:

5. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I apologize for the cliche, but I think the kind of narcissistic tendencies one needs to have in order to be a successful politician can't turn away from the ability to find out everything about your political enemies. Even from a practical standpoint, that kind of leverage is just too good to resist if you're owned lock/stock/barrel by your campaign contributors and you need to deliver legislation favoring X industry or Y company.

Comment Re:NSA is a Federal Agency (Score 1) 96

...and California, much as it likes to think it's a country unto itself, has NO jurisdiction over the NSA, over their methods, even over their agents (when acting in an official capacity and all those other qualifiers)

If it makes the CA legislature feel good about themselves to do this, great! But it means about as much as the lot of them threatening to hold their breath till the NSA stops spying...

As a CA resident, I'd like it if most of the CA legislature held their breath for that long. We might actually get to change a few seats in the next election!

Comment Nice sentiment (Score 1) 96

Assuming this thing passes, the end state of the bill isn't acceptable. At best, public awareness incites a response from the DOJ which decides to overrule in the interest of national security. At best, it hastens a growing shrug of the shoulders from the public as the waves of abuse keep coming to light and people go about their business. Let's all retweet "F THE FCC" and it'll be about as effective...but it might get a laugh? Reclassify ISPs as common carriers already... (Damn. Lost my 14 y/o /. ID and the first post I make when I return is a troll...apologies.)

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