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The ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders 603

An anonymous reader writes "There is a relatively miniscule patch to the Linux kernel scheduler being queued up for Linux 2.6.38 that is proving to have dramatic results for those multi-tasking on the desktop. Phoronix is reporting the ~200 line Linux kernel patch that does wonders with before and after videos demonstrating the much-improved responsiveness and interactivity of the Linux desktop. While compiling the Linux kernel with 64 parallel jobs, 1080p video playback was still smooth, windows could be moved fluidly, and there was not nearly as much of a slowdown compared to when this patch was applied. Linus Torvalds has shared his thoughts on this patch: So I think this is firmly one of those 'real improvement' patches. Good job. Group scheduling goes from 'useful for some specific server loads' to 'that's a killer feature.'"

Comment Re:If it makes Ubuntu feel any better.... (Score 1) 248

Yes, my last two laptops where from Dell, and both died from hardware problems. I had poor wifi performance with both. One had the disadvantage that the keys fell of the keyboard, also the wifi button came loose. One of them had some fault on the motherboard, so that it got occational corruptions in the memory, which was very annoying. So when buying a new laptop I just went with a MacBook Pro, as I didn't really know the other manufactures. Well I have had some bad experience with Asus and Acer too, but I like the Asus EEE family.

Mars500 Mission Begins 235

krou writes "The six participants in the Mars500 project have entered their sealed facility. The project, which lasts for 18 months, is designed to try and simulate a mission to Mars, completely isolated and cut off from the outside world, with a '20-minute, one-way time-delay in communications to mirror the real lag in sending messages over the vast distance between Mars and Earth.' They also have limited consumables, with everything required being loaded onboard from the start. You can follow developments via the blog, or the Twitter feed of Diego Urbina, one of the would-be cosmonauts."

Comment Having a free OEM OS is actually a good idea (Score 2, Informative) 389

I was travelling in China a year ago. I bought an Asus EEE pc there, and without asking me the salesperson started to install a pirated version of Windows. I was quite surprised when I discovered what he was doing; and he evenmore so, when I explained to him that I wanted Linux on the computer:) And this is actually a good thing. Having a free Linux OS pre-installed, gives the customer the ability to choose what OS he/she wants to install, without donating money to Microsoft, Apple, or some other OS manufactorer, which he/she doesn't want to use.

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