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Comment Capacity Factor (Score 5, Insightful) 453

I hate how articles talking about renewable energy never take into account the capacity factor of the production. Wind is about 30% or so, so the real average output will be more like 200 MW, unlike a nuclear or other plant with a capacity factor of 90+%. Yet still, they will be compared on their MAX output, not the AVERAGE.

Comment Re:So what do you think about the type of plants (Score 3, Informative) 444

Your facts about the reactors are completely wrong here.

First off, you can use either light or heavy water reactor to make plutonium, it makes little difference except that a short cycle (typical but not necessary of heavy water reactors) makes better plutonium.

Enrichment is necessary for light water but not heavy water, although it can be economically beneficial for a heavy water reactor.

Heavy water reactors are no bigger, except that the capital costs makes large ones more viable.

The biggest reactors in the world are light water.

Also, the first reactors did not use heavy water, they were graphite moderated.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Nearly Entire id Back Catalog Now on Steam

Pluvius writes: "The constantly growing list of games available on Valve's online-gaming network Steam has become even more impressive with a contribution from id software. With the exception of the relatively new Quake IV and a few early games, every PC game released by id is now available, including the first five Commander Keen episodes, the Wolfenstein games, the Doom series, most of the Quake series, Heretic and HeXen, and all of the addons and expansions thereof. Better yet, all of these games can be bought together at the low price of $70, minus a 10% discount if you buy before August 10. Other packages are also available."
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Duke Nukem Forever Solidifying?

BlueMonk writes: "Browsing Best Buy's web site today, one may be surprised to find an offer to pre-order something that a lot of people may be hesitant to place as a pre-order considering its past. It looks like they think Duke Nukem Forever will be coming out in December and are feeling good enough about it to start taking orders."

Submission + - Are laptops OK on bicycles? (

bshell writes: I commute to work by bicycle and I've been strapping my PowerBook to the bike rack carrier on the back of my bike. It's enclosed in a typical computer carry bag, and strapped down by bungie cords, but it gets all the road vibrations on there. After years, there seems to be no adverse effects. Do other Slashdot readers concur? Does anyone think that subjecting a laptop computer to the daily bumps and bangs of a bicycle commute is harmful to the machine, or are laptop computers fundamentally constructed to handle this sort of treatment? Your experiences might be instructive to other readers.

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