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Comment Wah! It's Unfair! (Score 1) 726

If a group of people enjoy building systems and playing games that are beyond the ability of a bunch of bird flappers and mole whackers, why not?

Does that mean we have to dumb down game specs so Rufus the Dufus can play it on a cheap LG tablet?

For what some tablet-pokers spend on Starbucks or Chipotle every year they could probably afford a decent Xidax or Alienware that would at least get them into the mix, though not in the uber 1337 league. You get what you pay for.

OTOH, maybe the games, at least some of them, that have way more depth and complexity than Farmville are just "too hard" for some folks.

So what? Everyone can't shoot hoops against Labron. Everyone can't afford an F1 car. Life just isn't fair, in jobs, relationships, or gaming. Get over it.

Comment Phones are so 90's (Score 2) 209

TFA is right to point out the chat and social media alternatives. Besides quicker (and often friendlier) response, it's kind of nice to have a support tech or engineer paste a code fix or solution example straight into a chat window for instant use. This particularly works wonders with a certain German electrical, medical, and automation megalith who I will not name.

Comment Insurance Co.'s and .gov (Score 1) 819

Yeah, invasive drug tests are stupid and counter-productive in many industries. I put up with it as a consequence of my career choice. Being a chronic tinkerer, I like to work in industrial automation and machine programming. I work for a global manufacturer, and we have to drug screen. Our insurance underwriters don't require it per se, but the rates for not doing so are prohibitive. Likewise .gov, where OSHA does not mandate screening, but god help you you if there's a lost-time accident involving an impaired employee. Lawyers can build whole careers on just this.

Only an idiot would show up stoned for a job in a building full of lethal machinery, but the universe is constantly refining and expanding the idiot supply. Factories can't afford the risk.

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