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Comment No more Pandora in Car!?! (Score 1) 1065

Talking / texting while driving is definitely a problem, but this is not the answer! There's nothing wrong with talking on the phone when using hands free tech. And there's certainly nothing wrong with passengers talking on the phone etc. If they disable data that means no more Pandora, no more Google Nav, and no more wifi mobile hotspot for passengers on long trips!

Comment I actually have a 3D TV and love it (Score 1) 535

Most, not all, of the negative comments I've seen regarding 3D TVs are from people that haven't experienced them. People seem understandably pissed because they just shelled out serious dough for a new TV that won't support 3D. Some people just don't care, or are stereo blind, and others hate the idea of wearing $200 glasses to watch TV. I think that because people are rightly pissed about these things, they aren't giving 3D a fair shake.

I just had to replace my TV, so I decided to spend a bit more and get a 240hz 3D 46" led lcd for ~$1800 (came w/ 2 pair of glasses and a movie), which is about what I spent 5 years ago on the TV that had to be replaced. I love the thing!

The fist time I crashed my car playing MotorStorm 3D Rift on PS3, I was literally laughing out loud, it's AMAZING. The game is so much more fun in 3D, it's easier to judge turns, you have dirt seemingly flying out of the screen at you, it's just really cool!

As far as content, there isn't much, MotorStorm is great, MLB is good, Super Stardust HD is better in 3D, Wipeout is awful, can't wait for Gran Turismo 5.

Comment Re:No Multitouch (Score 1) 568

Not true at all, Android does support multitouch. A lot of this confusion comes from the fact that the Android Browser doesn't support pinch zoom in / out. There are plenty of apps including games on the market that support mulitouch. For example the free Dolphin browser which supports pinch zoom.

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