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Comment Minecraft wins (Score 1) 425

My son is 8 and loves Legos, just like I did at that age. However, he loves Minecraft also and spends more time playing it, creating things, exploring, etc, instead of building Legos. It's a strange state, because I feel like I need to limit his MC time because he could easily play it 4 hours at a time, but not his Lego time. Legos to him now seem to get old after having the same set an hour or two. They are too expensive to buy regularly though.

Comment Yes, it sucks (Score 5, Interesting) 329

I can tell you from going through numerous reviews that it's a terribly inconsistent process and has lead to a lot of frustration. I've been denied before for extremely petty reasons, only to get through on the 3rd or 4th try. Good luck trying to get an idea of how long it will take also. It has taken 45 days or longer from initial submission to being 'ready for sale'. I understand they want to keep control of their market, but their denials really interfere with my motivation to continue developing on their platform. However, on Android I've made far far less revenue on the same apps, only to see my app get 'returned' daily and probably pirated. It's worth the pain still at this point to hit iOS first and Android afterwards, especially to make 3X to 4X revenue on iOS. It's why I hope Microsoft's approvals for Win 8 and RT can be somewhere in the middle.

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