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Comment Re:tag: omgtreason (Score 1) 360

I didn't say they should make a new laptop in five years, just that the macbook air might be a more feasible product if it waited for 5 more years of product enhancements - by then they'd have a 300-400 GB flash drive, etc. And I know plenty of people who use the WiFi technology to get online with their iPod Touch models, maybe not when they travel around the city like you can with the iPhone but just in general. And like I said, I didn't know of a solution to that.
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Trailer Released (

delorean79 writes: "According to a post by some bloke at 3D Realms on their forums, Duke Nukem Forver IS HAPPENING. The story goes that some blokes presented a teaser trailer to staff at the office Xmas party this year. The teaser trailer will be released tomorrow (19th December) at 12pm CST. More info is found here and a screenshot from the teaser can be found here. The original forum post is here. I bet it still never makes it to the store shelves. Ever."

Submission + - Visual Studio and Eclipse compared and contrasted

An anonymous reader writes: Getting started with Eclipse can be confusing. New concepts, such as plug-in architecture, workspace-centric project structure, and automatic build can seem counterintuitive at first. Without being too philosophic about IDE design, this article presents the main differences between Visual Studio and the Eclipse IDE.

Submission + - Going Travelling, Any Suggestions?

Anonymous Coward (feel free to mock) writes: "I'm in a bit of a sticky situation; I'm going travelling soon and I'm still in school. Unfortunately, this means that I'm going to be missing quite a bit of the school year. My teachers have been understanding and have suggested that I simply check on their individual websites for the class lectures and assignments. Now, currently I do own a laptop but it's simply to bulky to travel around with for any amount of time — especially to places that it can be easily stolen. I was reviewing the idea of getting a PDA, such as a blackberry, but I don't know if that's the best piece of technology that's out there. I need something that has some type of word processing program, the capability to download photos or even just store photos from a digital camera and hopefully, if possible, some way to connect to the internet. Any suggestions? Or am I just kidding myself and should start preparing myself for carrying coins for Internet Cafes?"

Submission + - Internet Speed Record Broken. Twice. Again?

imamac writes: Researchers using a modified transfer protocol have reached almost 10 Gbps transfer rate over a 20,000 mile path. They are already building a network with the goal transfer rate of up to 100 Gbps. That kind of speed opens up a lot of possibilities. I won't be holding my breath to get that at my house, however.

Submission + - Guide: How to shop for your first HDTV

Olin Coles writes: "Introduction: The end is near. I realize this is an overly dramatic if not vague introduction for a how-to guide, but there is some truth to it. For those of us who have not been keeping tabs on the network television industry, there is a very important date to mark on the calendar: 17 February 2009. D-Day. All network television stations will stop broadcasting all analog signals on this date and complete the transition to digital broadcast. Analog television will be a relic of the past, and the digital age will complete its global presence. How will you save yourself, your family, and loved ones? What you do to prepare for the future will depend solely on what you know about it. Benchmark Reviews has created this guide to infuse months of research into a very easy to understand article, all for the purpose of preparing you for D-Day.

Article URL: ontent&task=view&id=19&Itemid=1

Image URL: to%20shop%20for%20your%20first%20HDTV/ g"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Happy World Intellectual Property Day!

WipoBoy writes: It's April 26th which means it's time to celebrate another year of intellectual property! On this day in 1970 the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) came into existence. A short 30 years later WIPO established a day of celebration "to encourage respect for the IP rights of others". Happy World Intellectual Property Day! For only the third time this millennium the theme for the day is "Encouraging Creativity". WIPO has thoughtfully created a list of suggested activities that you can participate in.

Submission + - New 'super-Earth' found in space

Elsan writes: According to multiple sources: "The European Southern Observatory is reporting that they have found the most Earthlike planet yet orbiting another star. It has about 1.5 times the Earth's diameter, and five times its mass. This makes it the smallest extrasolar planet yet found (two other planets have already been found orbiting that star, with 15 and 8 times Earth's mass)."

The planet is wam enough for water to be a liquid. "So what we may have here is a terrestrial planet with liquid water on its surface."

Google, Intel, Microsoft Fund Robot Recipes 73

Dotnaught writes "Google, Intel, and Microsoft are funding what may become a robot invasion. Money from the three tech companies has enabled researchers at Carnegie Mellon University to create a new series of Internet-connected robots that almost anyone can build using off-the-shelf parts. These "recipes" describe how to build a robot that connects to the Internet using common parts and a $349 Qwerk controller from Charmed Labs."

Submission + - Missing GOP Emails Had Clues About '04 Election

HabbyHorse writes: "A slightly left-heavy site, CommonDreams, talks about how the missing E-mails on Rove's laptop (and from the GOP/RNC servers), may have held smoking gun evidence on the disenfranchisement and other crimes for the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio.

From the article..."E-mails being sought from Karl Rove's computers, and recent revelations about critical electronic conflicts of interest, may be the smoking guns of Ohio's stolen 2004 election. A thorough recount of ballots and electronic files, preserved by a federal lawsuit, could tell the tale.The major media has come to focus on a large batch of electronic communications which have disappeared from the server of the Republican National Committee, and from White House advisor Rove's computers. The attention stems from the controversial firing of eight federal prosecutors by Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales.""
The Internet

Submission + - Free Online Gaming writes: "There's a lot of gamer in every internet cafe or home users playing onlie games which are totally free. Do you know that tons of websites offer free online games but not all of them offer a comprehensive list. Now, offer more then a 6000 free online games including the famous Line Rider, these games will give you hours of entertainment, you can play the games as much as you want theres no limit. It also have video clips like, crazy clips, funny clips, amazing clips and many more that will keep you entertained during the day."

Submission + - Researchers Break Internet Speed Records

atommota writes: A group of researchers led by the University of Tokyo has broken Internet speed records, twice, in two days. Operators of the high-speed Internet2 network announced Tuesday that the researchers on Dec. 30 sent data at 7.67 gigabits per second, using standard communications protocols.

The next day, using modified protocols, the team broke the record again by sending data over the same 20,000-mile path at 9.08 Gbps.,4670,Fast erInternet,00.html

Submission + - Sony Updates PSP, PS3 Firmware, adds rumble?

Guppy06 writes: "Sony released new firmware for both the PSP and the PlayStation 3 today. The releases focuses on support for PlayStation games downloaded from the PlayStation Store, allowing the PS3 to play these games directly without having to transfer them to the PSP, as well as apparently allowing save data for these games to be transferred between the two. Most interesting, though, is that PS3 owners "can now use the vibration function of accessories that are for use with Playstation and Playstation 2 format software." With no USB or Bluetooth accessories for the original PlayStation (at least), this seems to suggest that new hardware is on the horizon for the PS3, but whether it's a new controller or a new adapter to connect PS2 and PS controllers hasn't been announced."

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