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Submission + - SPAM: Web ranking service

solange23 writes: "Send an simple e-mail during the flight is possible. Gogo firm provides fast connectivity for commercial flights only in the United States and Canada, through the Wifi on board.Gogo has just submitted an application for listing to one hundred million dollars expected to land on the list next year, in the wake of other hi-tech companies like twitte"
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Submission + - SPAM: Bali Villa Real Estate and Resort

solange23 writes: "Bali is one of the 33 Indonesian provinces and is situated between the islands of Java and Lombok. On the island, there are several mountains, but the most noticeable mountain is also it's tallest, Agung. It stands at roughly 9,500 feet and an active volcano is currently present. It's last eruption, in 1963, killed roughly 1950 people in total and destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings. There are also another active volcano, Mount Batur, which lies over 5,000 feet above sea level. Bali's capital is also the largest city in the province."
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Submission + - SPAM: Luxury Bali Villa Accommodation

solange23 writes: "Luxury can have a wide spectrum, from great architecture & interior work, location & view to die for, spaciousness, top end facilities, five star service, all exceeding the benchmark set by hospitality professional."
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Submission + - Which language for a beginner's course Procedural Programming for engineers?

udippel writes: I have been tasked to develop a beginner's course titled 'Procedural Programming' for the faculty of engineering. The 'desired' language is C. While I see many reasons for everyone to know this language, I still feel — and know from earlier experience teaching it — that its imperative character down to the gory details (data types, declaration, lack of strings, difficult syntax, etc.) tends to get in the way of actually drilling down into the basic concepts of procedural (functional) programming.
I for one imagine that Python or even xxsh can significantly simplify the 'syntax hurdle' and instead offer much more space for the procedural aspects. How do you perceive these thoughts; can you provide arguments for or against C, respectively suggest another language?

Submission + - SPAM: Domus de Maria – Representing A great Historical Importance

solange23 writes: "Domus de Maria was founded in the year 1700 when the peoples living in regions around it came here and start living. It had the famous and original nucleus farm that was founded by “The Scolopi Fathers”. The history of this city is much older than the city itself. This territory was inhabited since the Nuragico period because of its geographical position or its natural charm. The famous nurghe Baccu Idda and the mysterious betili of Punta Su Sensu are the evidence of the Nuragic population that had inhabited the area, and these are the places you should visit when you are there, they say a lot about the history of Domus de Maria.
The place located across the street that connects Karalis and Nora had a great importance in the Roman history. The final abandonment of ancient Bithia took place gradually between the end of the fourth century BC and the beginning of the fifth century AD."

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Submission + - Google/Motorola wants competitors to pay 2.25% tax--for interlaced video

tgibbs writes: Google's subsidiary Motorola Mobility is insisting that competitors should pay a royalty of 2.25% of device price for use of its standards-essential H.264 patents related to interlaced video. But Motorola's lawyers seem to be having some difficulty finding evidence to make the case that interlaced (as opposed to progressive) video is still commercially important for internet transmission of video. One of the 3 examples of interlaced video that Motorola offered the court to make this point in their suit against Microsoft was a pirated Katy Perry video

Submission + - SPAM: Bali resort Spa and Villa Management

solange23 writes: "Not sure if this is a scoop ot not but the Indonesia tourism board is reporting a very big augmentation of new resort and villa in Bali island, The situation leads to land scarcity and unhealthy price wars, the government argued, as well as environmental damage which could spoil the natural landscape the area has to offer say Jakarta Post, in the other hands the local peoples wanr increae the businesses activity on focus in Bali hotel resort spa to provide a future to all populations in Bali island.Indonesia’s tourist island Bali will have 10,466 hotel rooms in 2014 with the 60 new hotel projects on the way to comming."
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