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Comment Re:MacBook Air anyone? (Score -1) 457

You may be right...but who wants poorly translated not designed for software. You seem to miss the point...first it was ipods, then the iphone now the ipad...Apple is winning over the masses by delivering a great user experience. Complain all you want...Android this that and the other..but Andriod as a whole is a shit experience compared to the App store. And that is why they are winning.

Comment Re:News Flash: Apple limits app store! (Score -1) 664

Sorry your wrong. Apple is within its right to no publish anyone's work it doesnt want to. You need to go back to school and understand that any private organization can not be forced to publish anything it doesnt want to. They have a right to not do what you want them to. Sorry but you whole point is not valid nor legal. Also realize this cartoonist can still get his work on the platform via the web browser....so its not ever censorship...you have no right to demand access to their store. But hey keep claiming what you think this is...its not and it only makes you look like a god damn fool...but hey you are.

Comment Re:Doesn't account for all the wording (Score -1) 432

And you like the Asus 1005HA seem to think that these larger and in the 15.4" example...HUGE examples can compete with the form factor of the ipad. I do not believe that either on of you has handled and used the ipad....or else you would not try to make such LAME ASS comparisons. Oh and hate all you want on Apple platform....the problem is....the platform works and works well. No other platform performs at the user level like Apples. Thus their rise in world wide importance....not because they squeezed people out....but because they built the better mouse trap and the world is beating a path to their door. It is a text book example of doing it right. Sorry haters....the numbers do not lie.

Comment Re:Is it really fragmentation? (Score -1) 89

Sounds like to me...you arent a big enough player (ie read...my friend does have a small software company that does jump through those kinds of hoops and does well...so do i as a small MoR Manufacturer of Record of motor vehicles. yes its a pain but guess what....this is required to play the game.).....if you cant comply with the regulations imposed by the regulatory bodies and the makers...then you cant play the game. Remember youcan always go out your own way...but when riding on the coat tails of others products....LIKE THIS...you must play by their rules. Sorry but this is exactly the reason Apple is doing what it is....it is the one maker who is changing the way its done...granted it may not be in the way you wanted it to go...but guess what...until you people start making hardware/software and getting it to market.....and getting it accepted by the masses....all you can do is come here and bitch.....but nobody cares...because until you do what they have done....you DO NOT MATTER....oh and should you go through all those things to get into the market....you will be just like they are,.,,,,i Silly /. nerd herd........go change the world rather than bitch about how others have done what you think you deserve to do but wont.

Comment Re:Duality of Wozniak's Apple Versus Jobs' Apple (Score -1) 789

Just like the guy from Adobe if you dont like it go play some place else. Hello...this is an APPLE made product. If you do not like how the run with their products go to work on other peoples products. Im sorry they are doing such a bang up job of gaining market share and moving the entire industry forward. Nothing is stopping anyone else from doing this. The guy from Adobe is all butthurt cause in the end Adobe is becoming less and less important...and this is good... Adobe as a company sucks balls. Next you will tell me that Solidworks or Autocad should just open up their products...obviously some here dont understand that apples product is apples products. Their store is their store. Just because its a computer company doesnt mean suddenly it has to be open and given away. Adobe needs to be building compelling tech...instead they want a lock in....and bitch when they cant have it... Ha...comments disabled by that jackass....because even if he had a valid point...which he does not...see ToU from Apple.....hes still complaining that they wont let him bolt chevy parts on to his ford and have it covered underwarranty and sold through for dealerships.....SAME EXACT CRAP.... Hes an aftermarket maker...he can either play ball with the maker or go out on his own.

Comment Re:There's more to this story (Score -1) 691

Wait a minute. Having been to several of these countries on the list...i see some basic problems. If you have ever been to Columbia ro Chilie you know damn well that they have much worse health care than the USA. Yet by your BS metrics they rank above the USA. In fact Columia is way up the list. Which means this is complete rubish. In fact read what you have linked too is more "We need national health care" political BS than science. I have been to Columbia and Chile and know first hand that they are 3rd world countries and life expentency as a whole is less. Sorry you fail. TROLL.

Comment Re:Exactly right (Score -1) 365

BS...Outlook 2003/exchange still packages attachments in a MS only format. That requires external utilities to strip them out of a winmail.dat file so the rest of the god damn internet can read them. FOCK YOU MS LOVER and your STUPID ASS LOCKINS. I have and continue to move customers and vendors to my manufacturing plant over to Linux/OSX. I will use anything but MS. NO MS allowed not even for our website...or the company we hire to do our website. I am so done supporting MS and the zealots that follow it.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Modern Warfare 2 Surpasses $1 Billion Mark; Dedicated Servers What? 258

The Opposable Thumbs blog is running an interesting article contrasting everything Activision did "wrong" in creating and marketing Modern Warfare 2 with the game's unqualified success. Despite price hikes, somewhat shady review practices, exploit frustrations, and the dedicated server fiasco, the game has raked in over a billion dollars in sales. "There was only one way to review Modern Warfare 2: on the Xbox 360, in Santa Barbara, under the watchful eye of Activision. Accepting the paid trip, along with room and board, was the only way you were going to get a review before launch. Joystiq noted that this broke their ethics policy, but they went anyway. Who can say no to a review destined to bring in traffic? Shacknews refused to call their coverage a 'review' because of the ethical issues inherent in the situation, but that stance was unique. The vast majority of news outlets didn't disclose how the review was conducted, or added a disclaimer after the nature of the review was made public. This proved to Activision that if you're big enough, you can dictate the exact terms of any review, and no ethics policy will make news outlets turn you down."

Comment Re:Abstraction (Score -1) 135

Well the fact remains....Jailbreak your phone and you run a real risk of being hacked or compromised. You cannot show me a single stock iphone that is vulnerable to ANYTHING like this. That right there proves Apple knows better than the customer, as they have demonstrated time and again on security matters. When i have to run virus protection on my Mac then we can discuss a change to the above rule. But for now Apple is shining brighter and brighter. And the open it all up let us decide crowd just got another set back, as this shows why for the average user its better to trust Apple then yourself in these matters. /yeah i know plenty here can take care of themselves, but realize your a tiny segment of the target market. this means your votes dont count...sorta like voting in the USA.

Comment Re:PC World Has it out for the Droid (Score -1) 555

So wait since i watch CBS sports Live on my iphone your saying i cant use 10GB in a month? What about all the porn im streaming to my phone from the internet? What about the large attachments i get to review spreadsheets and drawings or artwork for packaging? I do all this and you say 10GB is way too much. Funny, do you work for the phone company, because you sure do sound like you do. Also i have used a ton of data on my phon (well in excess of 5gb a month) yet ATT has yet to remove me. Having said all that,...dont get me wrong....phone companies are only 1 step higher than lawyers, which are one step above politicians.

Comment Re:Not News!! (Score -1) 843

Except for the fact that your WRONG. Show me a single case in the wild where a MAC got a VIRUS or was hacked without the use of additional equipment (specifically non-standard wireless cards...since macs come with all the wireless they need and the drivers). Sorry you can beat your chest all you want but BSD (what the MAC is built on) is much more secure than Linux..and if you knew SHIAT about what your talking about you would know this to be true...but instead you want to spread FUD about the MAC. You must be MS.

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