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Comment Re:Doomed (Score 1) 435

IMO, C++ needs checked exceptions. Functions should declare any type they are going to throw, and the compiler should enforce that functions throw only declared types, and that all callers catch those exceptions. As it stands, the throw operator only creates a run time check, that by default exits the program if the wrong type is thrown (not very useful). Until it can be enforced a compile time so I can make sure everything is handled, I will avoid exceptions in C++.

Comment Re:What an ass (Score 1) 311

I stand corrected, there is more to the tool than I knew about. However, I still disagree that that is the only advantage over su, which requires you to know the root password, start a new shell, do your command, and exit. Most users use sudo in the manor I described. Why else would most systems ship with an admin group in the sudoer file with all permissions?

Comment Re:What an ass (Score 1, Informative) 311

You don't. The whole point of sudo is that it gives you fine-grained control over the privileges of each user.

sudo, is used to run as root. The point is to allow the user to do a quick operation with root permissions, then go back to running as a normal user. It doesn't "give you fine-grained control over the privileges of each user."

Comment Re:useless, unless (Score 1) 151

Frankly, I have no idea why so many idiots think they have to take each and every call right away. I see no problem with letting a call/text go to voicemail and getting back to them on MY schedule.

I'm generally like you, but don't make the assumption that everyone falls into your use case. Some people may have jobs where they need to be completely reachable at times. They may be taking care of a sick relative, and need to be reached in case of an emergency. What works for you and me may not work for everyone, and that doesn't make them idiots.

Comment Re:Whitelist it. (Score 1) 330

Use a faraday cage to block cell signals, and jam wifi to prevent the colluding. Allow each student an ethernet connection that is on its on VLAN. As a previous poster suggested, you have a whitelist of sites for outbound traffic, that don't lend themselves to social networking. That should cover it, but I hope you get paid well to go through so much trouble.

Comment Re:Good idea, expand it to cover more fule sources (Score 1) 118

It may seem that way, but consider also that if the value of produce sinks too low, it is a hardship on farmers. I think there are actually quota systems in place to prevent this from happening. So may not just be picky consumers, but also, the farm may be selling all that they are allowed to sell (and naturally sell the best). I am not an expert on this by an means, but have heard this before, can anyone confirm?

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