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Comment And the OS Asus will support is?? (Score 1) 115

I get SOOOOO annoyed at these hardware announcements from micro to super computer that make no mention of the OS to be used.
If ASUS will only support Windows on this board, then what is the price point? Is Windows included?
If ASUS will be supporting Linux on this board, then why cant they support Linux on their OTHER Mobos, the desktop ones that are used for gaming, etc.
If they are not supporting ANY software then what community do they expect to step up? Martians?

Comment Truck Botnets, and Ransomeware galore...... (Score 1) 178

If you thought botnets of WebCams were bad, wait till you have botnets of hacked self driving vehicles. Sounds like something out of Stephen King!
And Ransomeware galore.
The mind boggles at what Organized Crime or Immigration 'Coyotes' can do with a fleet of hacked self driving vehicles.
Does no one else see this? I feel like Will Smith in 'i Robot', "Now we have Robots building robots. Wonderful!"

Comment Why did DEBIAN not consider SMF from Solaris? (Score 1) 508

I am not an expert coder or sysadmin, but a quick read of SOLARIS SMF feature it would seem to address all the needs of a robust init system, without the many concerns of a too powerful/critical PID 1.
Since SMF is CDDL (I think), and an init process is not part of the kernel, why is it not possible to use a well developed and debugged (since 2006?) alternative to the legacy SYSV init method?

Comment Static Link = Dynamic Link? Says Who? (Score 1) 379

The Conservancy seem to have glossed over this point. It is not obvious to me. If Canonical were to distribute two, CDs, tarballs, whatever, with Linux on one and ZFS.ko on the other, with a script to load ZFS.ko at install time would _that_ be different?

How about if they distribute Ubuntu on one CD, the ZFS source on the other and a script that builds and loads ZFS.ko at install time? Would _that_ be legal?

If you can distribute linux with binary blob graphics drivers I don't see a big difference with a filesystem module.


Comment Typo in Story 50 KILO watts, not 50MW (Score 1) 120

The in the story has a typo. It is not 50MW as stated, but 50KW.
Also the diagram on the page the link points to has the Anode emitting electrons (to go through the load) which are then collected by the Cathode.
I thought that it was the Cathode that emitted the electrons, which were then collected by the Anode.

Comment Project Gado -- Open source Document Scanning (Score 1) 122

You might investigate Project Gado.
A free open source robot for taking pictures of documents without exposing them to danger.
Not sure if it has all the software you want, but there is an open source community developing for it, the Univ of Finland seems to be the hub.

Comment Notecase Pro (Score 1) 227

I know that you asked for Open Source tools, but if others are going to propose Notepad and Microsoft products, let me mention Notecase Pro.
It comes in flavors for windows, Linux, and Mac. There are constant updates. There is a user community developing plugins. You can write in different fonts, with font colors and background colors. You can embed screenshots.
It is a hierarchical note manager. The price is reasonable, you can get a single user (any number of computers) perpetual license, or pay more and get a multiuser license.
It is not open source though.

Comment will they allow pocket calculators? (Score 4, Interesting) 350

When I was learning Celestial Navigation, there were two sets of 'Almanacs' we had to use. One was the Nautical Almanac which gave the positions of the stars, the Sun and the Moon for each minute of each day of the year. These were issued every year by some National Observatory. The other set was just a cookbook of spherical trigonometry. Obviously you can program any modern calculator with the appropriate trig formulas so the Midshipmen would not have to waste time looking up those numbers in the books. I am pretty sure that with modern memory you could put the entire almanac for the year on a USB stick, and so you would not need to look up those numbers either. Add the two together and you can have a rugged, solar powered device that can do the calculations for you. Now all you need to do is get out your sextant and clock, take the sights, plug in the time, the readings and the corrections, and let the pocket calculator do the grunt work.

Comment Sen Rand Responsible for this? (Score 1) 135

There is no mention in the article of Sen Rand's filibuster opposing the bill.
I presume that when the article says that they could not get enough Republican votes they mean they did not get enough to override the filibuster?

(I'm Canadian and so not as knowledgeable about american political procedures as I could be.)

Comment M3800 Works well with Ubuntu (Score 2) 133

I have a recent 3800. I got it with Ubuntu, no Windows.Mine does not have the 4K screen. All the hardware I have tested works well with it, which is unusual for laptops in my experience.
The media keys work. Sleep/resume works. The camera works. It will boot in UEFI mode, secure boot ON of OFF (i.e it comes preloaded with a shim that allows secure boot). The trackpad works. Two finger scrolling works. Wireless works with no hassle. The RJ11/USB dongle works. Have not tested Thunderbolt.
I think Dell could have done a much better job with the documentation (there is none that is not Windows releated) and the startup screen where you install Ubuntu, has an 'EULA' that is obviously a Windows artifact (and probably illegal under the GPL). Further given that mine came with an SSD Dell could have fixed the fstab to make some of the filesystems as type "tmpfs".
But overall I am quite impressed and happy.

Comment American Pressure did it. (Score 2) 121

I think the reason this was done was because of american diplomatic pressure. The US state dept has classified Canada as a 'pirate country' right up there with China, and other countries that make billions from counterfeit knock-offs just because we have different copyright laws. Further, the US has pushed hard, and successfully to have the the 70 yr term included in the new (quasi secret) Trans Pacific trade treaty. None of the other countries wanted that term but the US got it in there anyway. Canada finds it very difficult to do things the US is strongly opposed to; and once the Treaty was approved we would be stuck with 70 years anyhow. This is very much a case of 'Resistance is Futile' and the Borg is the US state department.

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