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Comment Doesn't this only work when... (Score 2) 110

we both have the same to loose. So if China decides that they can get by with just their intranet then deterrence doesn't work. Especially since the stakes for the US and rest of the world would be total economic collapse. Also concerning is the less one side understands about the technological concepts and repercussions the more likely ether side is start a cyber war. and we all know our decision makers are crack technologists. A least nukes mean the total end of the physical world, where no one is likely to exactly know what would happen if we erased the virtual one.

Comment Re:Buy? (Score 0) 184

Having said that Google's search has noticeably deteriorated over the last couple of years. I often have to hit the Nth page now to find stuff I'm looking for.

I switched to a few weeks ago. I find it is much better at returning actual sites instead the long form posts that mentioned questions, but lacked actual information past that.

Comment How do you count LOC? (Score 1) 391

I count everything that isn't a block comment. stuff that isn't in /* */ type comments. I count blank lines, in line comments(everything after a //), and brackets. they all promote readability just as much as the code itself and are important. Since i keep to a coding standard it doesn't matter much anyhow, since if im keeping to it its hard to artificial increase LOC.

Comment Re:Huge Gap (Score 1) 674

I would gladly pay more for three things, higher quality materials(no more of that fake wood shit), U.S. made, and a trustworthy company. That last one is a bit tricky. I trust a company when they continue to improve, instead of sitting back and when they think something is 'good enough.' i also need someone who i can call, communicate with, and treat me like I'm a reasonable human being.

Comment Huge Gap (Score 4, Insightful) 674

I think one of the biggest issues is the gap in price between good products and low end stuff. I want my music to sound good and I'm willing to buy something that is 3x the cost of the everyday / low end equipment. But instead I'm given the choice between low end equipment or pro-awesome-blow-your-mind stuff that is 10 times more expensive, with nothing in between. I would love the more expensive stuff, but I just can't afford a 10,000 worth of stereo gear.

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