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Comment Tyranny of the majority? (Score 1) 1430

> Is it time for the Electoral College to reflect the popular vote?


More importantly, do states rights still matter?

The Electoral College should vote the way the voters have indicated that they should. To do otherwise would betray the trust of the people that voted for them. Ideally we would do away with the Electoral College proxy voting nonsense and have a direct vote. But the Electoral vote allocation should stay the way it is.

A vote that reflects the statistically insignificant difference in the popular vote would send the message that states rights are indeed dead, and that heavily populated states like California and New York are now allowed to dictate policy for everyone else. Yes, Clinton did get a few more votes. But Trump got more states.

Does no one remember "tyranny of the majority" from civics class? Does no one remember why we have two houses in the Congress, one with equal representation per state (Senate) and one with population based representation (House of Representatives)? Do you think it is a coincidence that the Electoral votes per state is the sum of these two numbers?

Comment Re:About Lincoln (Score 2) 426

Actually Obama does the same and he's not even president. (yet ?)

Not to rain on your parade, but the linked 'article' is complete and utter tripe. Not only is no proof offered of any wrongdoing, there aren't even any specific accusations. I can't believe any rational thinker would take it seriously. This isn't to say that Obama didn't do (whatever it is he's being accused of), just that there is nothing there that would allow one to make any sort of informed decision.

Hint: just because someone posts it on the Internet, doesn't mean its true.

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Interview: Castlevania's future

ferricide writes: "The latest game in the Castlevania series, Dracula X Chronicles, will be released for the PSP later this year. Thanks to Game Developers Conference, GamesRadar was able to sit down and have a lengthy interview with Koji "IGA" Igarashi. It started out as a discussion of that game (a pack which contains a ground-up remake of the 1993 classic and a port of 1997's Symphony of the Night) but which became more wide-ranging, concerning the development philosophy and future of the entire series."

Submission + - Paypal and doubleclick in the sack together

An anonymous reader writes: I was a bit surprised to discover some https sessions to doubleclick opening up when I typed in into a browser. One I saw was to I'm more than a little paranoid about ID theft, so this introduced quite a look over my shoulder feeling.

Submission + - Is computer science dead?

warm sushi writes: An academic at the British Computing Society asks Is computer science dead? Citing falling student enrolments, and improved technology, British academic Neil McBride claims that off-the-shelf solutions are removing much of the demand for high level development skills: "As commercial software products have matured, it no longer makes sense for organisations to develop software from scratch. Accounting packages, enterprise resource packages, customer relationship management systems are the order of the day: stable, well-proven and easily available." Is that quote laughable? Or has the software development industry stabilised to an off-the-self commodity?

Submission + - Submits Open Letter to Dell

jlbooker writes: has submitted an open letter to Michael Dell in response to the overwhelming requests on Dell's IdeaStorm site for the 2 software suite to be factory-installed on Dell systems. From the letter: "Let's have a conversation about how we could build an " supplied by Dell" product to give your customers what they are asking for."

Submission + - DST change bug evident in MS Outlook

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently, Microsoft doesn't store dates in Outlook as plain GMT, but instead as GMT plus a calculated integer based on whatever the time zone settings are a the time, so every version back to Outlook 2000 will shove your appointments one hour forward if you don't run their update tool. I just wonder what happens to people who have laptops and jump timezones? It seems like they only followed half of the UTC standard? Aren't you supposed to store dates as GMT and have the OS calculate the localization when you display them? I'm not technical enough to accurately describe this one, I hope someone can rewrite it. It's older news anyway, but since DST just hit, it might be worth a publish. Just a heads up.

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