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Submission + - Diebold sells of voting machine business

sofar writes: "Several news sites report Diebold has sold off its money-losing voting machine business, quote "Premier Election Solutions, Inc., the subsidiary that makes up the bulk of Diebold's voting machine business, will be sold to Election Systems & Software". One can only wonder what this means in the long turn for the voting machine business — will it topple over and be replaced widely by the pencil, or will a "new" Diebold pick up the pieces and do worse than the original one. Uncertainty will be a big problem for the government organizations using the machines."

Submission + - Xfce 4.6 released 1

sofar writes: "After two years of development, the my Xfce friends have managed to create yet another great Xfce release. The new release builds out to improve the desktop management. Session management is drastically improved and the window manager now detects hung applications. Internally, Xfce now sports a full-fledged configuration system. All in all this new release brings a long awaited update that brings a lot of maturity to the light-weight desktop. Go take the 4.6 tour!."

Submission + - OLPC may ditch linux

sofar writes: "The guys at The Inquirer inform us that One Laptop Per Child has said that they might dump Linux from their XO laptops in favour of the Vole's Windows XP. It seems that Negroponte "has fallen victim to invasion of the corporate body snatchers, or the Vole has told him they'll be mailing him a very big cheque". I'm sure that this will make the OLPC unsuitable for it's original intent — to reach children in development countries for a reasonable price."

Submission + - Intel announces Open Fibre Channel over Ethernet (

sofar writes: "Intel has just announced and released source code for their Open-FCoE project, which creates a transport that allows native Fibre Channel frames to travel over ordinary ethernet cables to any Linux system. This is an extremely interesting development where datacenters can reduce cost and maintenance by reducing the amount of Fibre Channel equipment and cabling while still enjoying the benefits and performance of Fibre Channel equipment. The new standard for channelling fibre channel frames over ethernet is backed by Cisco, Sun, IBM, EMC, Emulex and a variety of others working in the storage field. The timing of this announce makes sense with 10 Gigabit Ethernet becoming more widespread in the datacenter."

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