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Comment Takes a month to get installed (Score 1) 110

I wonder, then, if it will no longer take a month between the time that you order your connection and the time that they come to hook it up. I moved to Germany two years ago, and I was lucky, it only took 3 weeks before Deutch Telekom turned on my DSL. Some of my colleagues have had to wait for 7-8 weeks!

Submission + - Wikipedia Down 1

sofakingon writes: Wikipedia is currently down. As tweeted, "Hi, everyone. We're aware that the site isnt working as usual and we're figuring out the problem now. We'll let you know more soon!"

Comment OLEDs are awesome (Score 2, Insightful) 52

This may be a bit off-topic, but I got a Cowon S9 (the first commercially available full color OLED device) at release, and man, OLEDs are gorgeous. The refresh rate is nearly instantaneous, the contrast ratio is essentialy infninate, and has half the power drain of a comaprable LED. I can't wait to get one for my main PC monitor.

I can see where someone would want to have a working prototype of one of the first devices with an OLED display, it's probably headed to a museum somewhere.

Comment Re:Redundant Array of INEXPENSIVE Disks (Score 1) 227

I just built a 8x500gb Seagate 7200.12 RAID 10 array using a Dell Perc 5i controller.

I bought the controller for $108 on Ebay. Add the battery for write caching, and 2x 4 port SAS>SATA cables, and I spent a total of $190 on the controller/cables/shipping.

I picked the 500gb drives as they use less power, are extremely silent, run very very cool (case temp is a contstant 39c with 8 drives in a standard mid-tower case), and VMWare ESXi only recognizes up to 2TB per array. The total cost was $600 with shipping for the array.

The Perc 5i has been clocked at 2TB/s+ burst and 500GB/s sustained. For detailed benchmarks see http://www.overclock.net/hard-drives-storage/359025-perc-5-i-raid-card-tips.html

Comment Geotagging (Score 1) 106

I have recently started doing something very similar with my DSLR and a GPS logger. Quick and dirty instructions:

1. Get a digital camera (A camcorder that will export .exif data with JPEG snapshots will work as well) and sync the time with International Atomic Time. If you're not using a camcorder, make sure you have PC sync software to be able to time the shots.

2. Get a fisheye lens or a 360 degree panoramic adapter.

3. Buy a GPS logger. Configure it to track during the same time that you are capturing photo/video.

4. Mount the camera to your vehicle, set up the capture criteria on the capture device (camcorder or digital camera and laptop) and gps logger and drive around to capture your image and geo location data.

5. Download the data and embed the geo-location into your images. I use GPSbabel(GPL Freeware) to convert the data to GPS XML (.gpx) format. I then use GeoSetter(Author's license freeware) to embed the EXIF data and export to Google Earth.

6. You can either export the tracks to Google Earth .kml files, upload to locr.com, or upload the photos to flickr.com and flickr will map them automatically (I use the 3rd option.)

Note: You'll have to use some kind of panoramic converter to be able to view the images in a non-distorted manner. A site dedicated to doing this will all-GPL software is located at http://www.all-in-one.ee/~dersch/

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